Skywalker : Strain Review

Skywalker : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Station

“Use the force, Luke.” Alright, I’ll admit that for an intro to a strain review on Skywalker, that may be a touch banal. Honestly though, how much better can it get than Star Wars themed strains? I’ve been looking for the opportunity to make bad Star Wars jokes; it’s a trap I fall into easily. For starters, to smoke the strain, you should know the strain. When tracking down the genetics of Skywalker, you’ll find no Sith lords in this parentage. Blueberry and Mazar team up to create a strain that’s indica on paper, but laden with traits that are undeniably sativa in their effects. Blueberry is a common strain used in breeding a lot of the crowd pleasers on the shelf likSkywalkere one of my personal favorites, Blue Dream. Blueberry itself is an indica dominant hybrid, which, when cultivated properly, has a terpanoid profile that gives it a strong berry scent and flavor, thus coining its name. Blueberry is also an extremely prolific grower and depending on the growing conditions, can produce flowers in as little as 45 days, making it a prime candidate for crossing with some of the slower growing strains out there like Mazar, which on its own usually doesn’t flower for upwards of 60 days. Mazar is another indica dominant strain that is a genetic creation spawned from the coalescence of Afghan and Skunk. Mazar’s real boon is its extremely high THC content. This high THC content translates into a heady buzz that makes Skywalker feel more like a sativa than an indica. Taking this into account, there is no refuting the fact that Mazar is indeed Skywalker’s father (or in this case mother). To put it succinctly, Skywalker is torn in a constant struggle between the indica and the sativa side of the force– I mean genetic spectrum.

I unleashed the force with Skywalker from The Station, a medical and recreational dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. You can pick up an eighth of Skywalker for $35. Regardless of its genetic make-up, look for Skywalker on the sativa shelf where is lives due to the sativa effects that it instills on its users.

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Skywalker :: Appearance | Smell:

Now that I had discovered the basics Skywalkeron what makes Skywalker – well, Skywalker, it was time to pop the top and take a peek at the treasures inside. Skywalker is a beautiful strain. My nuggets had sage green buds dappled with hints of purple and smothered in curly light orange hairs. The number of trichomes were practically off the charts, making Skywalker glisten when you hold it up to the light. The calyxes and overall bud structure looks extremely light and airy, and the conditions which I received my nuggets in is a true testament to how well these buds were handled during the curing and transportation stages. As for the scent profile, the initial whiff is almost entirely a robust sweet n’ skunky odor. When you bury your nose deeper, you pick up a crisp piney note that adds a little bit of oomph to its olfactory character. The piney crispness of this strain gives it a phenomenal alpine motif, which makes it a perfect Colorado strain in my opinion.

Skywalker :: Smoke | Effect:

The time had finally come to take a puff and travel to a galaxy far, far away. I packed a large nugget, and lacking the power of lightning fingers, lit up my hemp wick and brought fire to the bowl. The smoke from Skywalker was crisp, fresh, and exhilarating, just as its scent would imply. The pine notes really are the highlight when you’re smoking it, but the sweetness from the Blueberry does make an appearance on the exhale. The skunk factor doesn’t really come into effect when you’re smoking it and the aftertaste is simple, sweet and smooth. When you strike a bowl of Skywalker down with fire, it becomes more powerful than you could possibly imagine. The effects hit me almost immediately, imparting a very cerebral high. I expected to feel my heart attempting to make a hasty escape from my chest like with most sativas, but due to the indica heritage in Skywalker, that part of the high never came.  Instead I found myself aSkywalkerware, relaxed, and extremely giggly. The high was very fun and very fast, but somewhat short-lived. As the instant effects wore off, I found myself feeling quite mellow. While I wouldn’t say I felt “couch-melting” mellow, I did feel content to simply sit and imagine myself turning into Jabba the Hutt.

Overall ::

There is no denying that the force is strong with this one. I love finding a strain that balances the effects of sativa and indica so gracefully, while still leaning towards the sativa effects. Everything was just spot on with this strain; the colors, smells, consistency, and of course the smoke itself were a quintessential representation of what I would call amazing weed. If you’ve been hunting for the perfect sativa-high, that won’t make you paranoid, or set your heart racing, then Skywalker is the strain for you. Waves hand nonchalantly. This is the strain you’re looking for.#JessetheGrove