Sour Alien : Strain Review

Sour Alien : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

Though only recreational legal in a handful of states, the love of cannabis is something thatKine Mine Idaho Springs brings America together, coast to coast. While this is evidenced strongly by Colorado’s incredible tourism industry, bringing people from all parts of the country (and world), it can also be seen in the genetics of our cannabis. Sour Alien is an indica-dominant hybrid that is truly a story of an East/West Coast collaboration. While the majority of “Sour Aliens” that you can get out there are a conglomoration of Sour Diesel (a NYC favorite!) and Alien Kush, this cut is actually the Sour D spliced with an Alien OG. They’re incredibly similar, but the Alien OG has a bit of Tahoe OG genetics in it; a California favorite as evidenced by its name. Either way, it’s an indica-dominant hybrid that is out of this world (I had to put an alien pun in here somewhere. Sorry.).


I picked up a gram of the Sour Alien strain at Kine Mine, a Recreational Dispensary in Idaho Springs, Colorado. I’m a big fan of the work Kine Mine has done. With an organic grow all the way up in the mountains, very few places so far up the hill offer such quality. If you’re a Colorado native, check out the Colorado Express Room, and you’re going to get 25% off your order. Hey, even if you’re a bonafide med card holder, the Colorado Express Room could be for you too. You’ll get a whopping 42% off of your order (AKA: The 420 Special). Thanks, Kine Mine!


Sour Alien :: Appearance | Smell:

This strain came very strongly recommended by Chris, one of the owners of The Kine Mine, and was featured in their Colorado Express Room. It’s quite potent, too. Clocking in at 24.63% THC, and 0.16% CBD, the strain does sit on the higher end of the potency spectrum. The bud itself is peculiar: rather than large and fluffy nugs, these guys are tight, small, and dense. In all honesty, I was a bit disappointed seeing the amount of flower I had actually purchased, because they are admittedly small nugs. However, they are heavy (I mean, by cannabis standards)! That disappointment was quickly replaced by wonder, trying to figure out exactly how a plant packs so much flower into such a small space. I would say the bud is more orange than green, but the two parts of the flower weave delicately together, forming some impressive and beautiful flowers.

It’s hard to pinpoint the most dominant smell in the Sour Alien. I definitely pick up the woody, earthy smell of the Alien OG, but the diesel-heavy and pungent punch of a strong Sour Diesel also shines through. While predominantly a deep and musky smell, hints of lemon zest absolutely make their way through as well.

Sour Alien :: Smoke | Effect:

With such dense nugs, I opted to grind the Sour Alien up, and produce a joint to be enjoyed on my patio. Oftentimes, I have found that taking a rip from glassware of dense flowers leads to a harsh and cough-inducing smoke, so I tried to limit this as much as possible. While the smoke did eventually make me cough quite a bit, the flavor was Kine Mine Idaho Springsexceptional. See, I’m not too huge of a fan of pungent and diesely flavors (sorry, Sour D fans), so you can imagine my relief when that small hint of lemon peel that I smelled in the strain became one of the more dominant flavors of the smoke. Yes, there was a diesel aftertaste, but it was not at all unpleasant.

As a hybrid, leaning more to the indica side, I certainly hoped for a balanced high. Interestingly enough, this strain was virtually all cerebral for a solid twenty minutes, before it started its indicaesque body assault. I definitely understood why they said this strain was indica-dominant. That very strong head-high gave way to a very soothing and very couch-locking warmth, especially in my hands. It’s the kind of weed that makes you want to kick out your feet, drink a strong nightcap of scotch, and just sigh contentedly for a few hours. My joint was not all that big, but this was a very potent, and delightfully long-lasting high. From liftoff, I would say I was feeling the full effects of the Sour Alien for about two-and-a-half hours, which is incredibly long for smoked flower.


As Kine Mine is on the way to many of Colorado’s most notorious ski resorts, I could see this strain as a great “I just beat my body up snowboarding today; I need something to chill tonight,” weed. It might not be the best strain prior to skiing, as I would probably find myself wandering off to the lodge to sit under some blankets, and enjoy some cocoa laced with peppermint schnapps (I’m currently sober, and that sounds amazing, actually). Either way, the strain would be good perhaps to relieve anxiety, or to sooth aches and pains in your knees and elbows. Perhaps if you’re trying to stimulate your appetite, the high THC content in this made my hunger voracious (or, I just like to eat). While the cerebral effects start strong, I promise it won’t leave you completely… spaced out. Boom. Alien puns.


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