Sour Diesel : Strain Review

Sour Diesel : Strain Review
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Strain Review

You’re ready to increase your strain know-how, ready to expand your knowledge of the myriad of different strains out there. Why not start by going back to the basics, with a strain so epic, so prolific, and so laden with legendary tales that it’s become a legend itself. Sour Diesel, or Sour D, is a strain that is as mainstream as it is mysterious, a strain that has become a colloquial staple of any dispensary yet is still shrouded behind a veil of ambiguity. While the genetic make-up of Sour D is recorded, the who, how, and when are to remain a mystery despite many claims. Sour DieselSour Diesel is the combination of two strains DNL and Original Diesel. Both Original Diesel and DNL share a similar parent, in the form of Skunk. Original Diesel’s Skunk parent is a Super Skunk mixed with Northern Lights and the DNL’s Skunk parent is an RFK Skunk mixed with Hawaiian. This grandparent skunk on both sides of the spectrum is what gives Sour D its skunky dankness. The other two grandparent genetics in the mix are Northern Lights and Chem Dawg. Northern Lights, as an indica, brings the mellowness to Sour Diesels sativa-dominant make-up, while the Chem Dawg adds the hint of chem flavor that along with Skunk forms the iconic diesel aroma. While many claim that Sour Diesel originated in California in the early 90’s (which is likely) the honest truth of the matter is, like many other strains out there that were grown decades before legalization, the individuals responsible for creating Sour Diesel may never be known.

I got my batch of extremely dank Sour Diesel from Chronic Therapy, a recreational dispensary in Wheat Ridge Colorado, and one of the last stops before hitting the overpriced mountain dispensaries. Sour Diesel is a house favorite there, not only amidst the customers but also the staff. This strain is so popular with the staff that they start to get nervous whenever the jars get low.

Sour Diesel :: Appearance | Smell:

Let me start by emphasizing the dankness of this batch of Sour Diesel. This glass cured, immaculately manicured cannabis is some of the best I’ve had the fortune of enjoying. The odor simply permeates through the jar and finds its way to your nose one way or another. Aesthetically, Sour Diesel is an extra hairy verdant green colored strain. The bud structure is clearly sativa, and the concentration of trichomes is pretty intense. Had I mentioned the dankness? Not only does Sour Diesel have an extremely strong sweet chem scent, it’s also extremely sticky. After I broke up a few nuggets of Sour Diesel, I washed my hands and a good half hour later I could still smell it on my fingers. In other words, don’t break up your Sour D before you go to an airport or the drug sniffing dogs will hone in on you from a mile away. Other than it’s sweet chem smell, Sour Diesel also has a rich earthy aroma, that you really can experience after you’ve broken it up. To sum it all up I’ll say it one more time, this stuff is dank!

Sour Diesel :: Smoke | Effect:

I broke up a little nugget and loaded it up in my titanium one hitter. A pass with the hemp wick and I could taste the outstanding dankness that Sour Diesel’s smell had alluded to. The smoke was very smooth but still had a little crispness to it. Whether the crispness was just a residual of the smoke or simply another complex flavor I wasn’t able to pin down, I’m not sure. The obvious flavors Sour Dieselfor me were a light and sweet citrus note, and a rich almost woody taste. The Chemdawg also lent its flavor to the mix with a slight tangy note. There’s no denying that Sour D is some scrumptious cannabis. The effects hit me rather swiftly and in no time I was feeling a very powerful cerebral high. I was wide awake, full of energy, and ready to do something exciting. I found very little exciting to do, and found myself wandering around outside my house simply enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and staring mindlessly up into the trees. It wasn’t until roughly a half hour later, when I went inside did I really realize just how powerful the high from Sour Diesel was. With a 27.19% THC content it’s no wonder that I was feeling a skosh higher than I expected from a bowl out of a one-hitter. I decided to will away the last bit of my high sitting on the couch and eating a snack (a great way to end any smoking session).

Overall ::

Sour Diesel is an extremely potent strain that outshines many other sativas with the clear and cognitive high that it induces. It’s blatantly clear why Sour D has become a veritable staple in the marijuana industry. I can’t help but wonder how many times I might have crossed paths with strain from back in the day when cannabis always came in a clear unmarked plastic baggie. Sour Diesel is a classic, and while it imparts a mostly sativa high, there are several indica-like effects that creep their way into the mix. For one, I did have the sensation that my extremities were slightly numb, and I also grabbed a box of girl scout cookies without even thinking about it, and sat on the couch. Despite the hint of munchies and a touch of pain relief, Sour D is all about the energetic feel. If you’re in the market for a daytime sativa that will make you feel like a million dollars, and have you running around and giggling like an idiot, get out there and grab your own little piece of the legend that is Sour Diesel.#JessetheGrove



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