Tangie Power : Strain Review

Tangie Power : Strain Review
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Strain Review

More than once in my day have I had the fortune of sampling an award-winning cannabis strain.Tangie Power-1 The multitude of accolades awarded to the different strains that I’ve consumed in the past is numerous and has ranged from best in category to grand prize winners. As the number of competitions involving cannabis increase, so does the number of prize-winning strains. Recently I was lucky enough to get to sample an award-winning strain from Chronic Therapy a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. In this case, the competition was the 2018 Grow and the winning category was potency. As one of the most contended and prestigious titles around (especially in a recreational state like Colorado) winning potency is no easy task. Nonetheless, Chronic Therapy did it with their submission of Tangie Power. Having sampled Chronic Therapy’s amazingly flavorful Tangie I wasn’t sure exactly what Tangie Power would have in store for me. As the name implies Tangie Power was bread for the sole purpose of displaying insanely high THC power along with a blend of terpenoids to accentuate its sensations. The question was, did it maintain its amazing flavor profile through its genetic cross-breeding for potency. As I was about to find out it sure did.

If you want to get in on this prize-winning Tangie Power, you can only find it at Chronic Therapy, a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Chronic Therapy is no stranger to prize-winning strains and concentrates, and through their extraction company, Chronic Creations has won multiple prizes over the last half-decade. Check out their prize-winning strains and concentrated for yourself at your next visit to Chronic Therapy, Wheat Ridge.

Tangie Power :: Appearance | Smell:

I popped the top on my Tangie Power and unleashed a potent, skunky aroma that was tempered perfectly with light citrusy notes. When you really dig your nose into the jar it’s uncanny how much like orange rind the strain smells like. From the initial sweet flavors that hit your nose to the more potent sour notes that are very reminiscent of rind, this strain represents its name quite fittingly. Upon visual inspection, Tangie Power has got it all going on. The mid-size nuggets have a relatively compact bud structure on par with many Indica strains that I’ve seen in the past. The calyxes on each little nugget glisten remarkably with a thick coating of trichomes. Observing from the bottom up, each nugget also possessed a healthy collection of orange hairs interspersed perfectly amidst its trichomes. This is an extremely photogenic strain.Tangie Power-2 It’s also worth noting, due to Chronic Therapy’s cultivation practices my nuggets of Tangie Power weren’t sad and dry. There was still a perfect moisture content inside them leaving each nugget just sticky enough without being too sticky. If you’re sick of choking down dry Colorado weed fires, I’ll highly recommend checking out Chronic Therapy for some of their properly cured cannabis like this Tangie Power.

Tangie Power :: Smoke | Effect:

I started my Tangie Power experienced by pulling out a small clean chillum. I figured for the 2018 Grow Off potency winner I would start small and work my way up. Breaking into one of the perfectly moist nuggets I ground up a proper Portion by hand taking note of my sticky fingertips when I was done. I packed up the chillum, lit up my hemp wick, and was ready for an adventure. My initial Puff was quite nostalgic and reminded me very much of the traditional Tangerine derivative but there was something more here. As I slowly exhaled the sour power that I detected from its odor kicked in. While I wouldn’t go so far as to call it pucker-worthy it certainly was a tart punch to finish off a very sweet initial smoke. After I fully exhaled, it was uncanny how much like orange rind it tasted. It’s seriously tasted like I had taken a hit and then chewed on a tiny piece of orange rind. It was an exceptionally unique smoke. It did not take me long to realize how Tangie Power had won the potency award. Whether it was off sheer THC content alone or the unique balance of terpenes that exists inside the strain I may never know, but I do know that this strain got me exceptionally high exceptionally fast. This is not a creeping strain, it doesn’t pull any punches, and it doesn’t joke around with its effect. I was feeling a very powerful sativa-esque high within a minute after taking my first chillum puff. The initial sensations of the high started behind my eyes, slightly higher in my head than I’m used to, and then it seemed to drop like a rock through my spine eliciting minor Indica sensations and a well-rounded body high in juxtaposition to the insanely potent cerebral high that was setting in. Although the high instilled by Tangie Power was extremely potent, I found it to be very short-lived. Tangie Power-3This may be due in part to how small of a hit I initially took. After about 45 minutes to an hour, I felt the initial sensations of my first hit start to diminish. Still an exceptionally long effect considering I had only taken one large chillum puff. Tangie Power is some good stuff, and boy is it strong. Someone ought to give them an award for how potent it is.


When all was it said and done, I can totally see how Tangie Power won a potency award this year. That being said, I would like to throw out a word of caution. If you are an individual who is susceptible to paranoia from cannabis strains, I would recommend against smoking Tangie Power. Overall, the sensations instilled from Tangie power do course the full spectrum of Indica through sativa, but the intense cerebral high that I received may be too much for people who are prone to paranoia. On the exact other side of the spectrum, if you find yourself in a place with a relatively high tolerance throw down an entire bowl of this Tangie Power and I dare you not to get high. With such remarkable flavors and exceedingly potent effects, I wouldn’t be surprised to find Tangie power on the receiving end of even more awards in the future. If you have been on the hunt for a remarkable orange flavored strain that packs a whole lot of punch, then you have found what you’re looking for in Tangie Power.#JessetheGrove