Tea Tree : Strain Review

Tea Tree : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

Whether you’re smoking a bowl after a long day of work, taking a CBD pill to combat your risk of epilepsy, popping a couple marijuana edibles before you go outside for a rousing game of disc golf, taking a hit of your vape pen to help with insomnia, or puffing on a joint before you crack into that latest video game, you’re reaping the rewards that marijuana has to offer you. While I no longer can count myself in the ranks of daily smokers like back in my college days, I still know a thing or two about what strains are the perfect daily smoke. Tea Tree, a hybrid strain, has all the best traits tea-tree-1I look for in an everyday strain. My favorite thing about hybrids is that your own intentions can help bolster the effects. What I’m trying to say is that if you smoke a good hybrid like Tea Tree before bed, chances are you’re going to feed off the indica effects of the strain; whereas if you take a few puffs of Tea Tree before a game of volleyball in the backyard, you’re more likely to pick up on the sativa sensations. Tea Tree possesses this perfect balance, and I thoroughly enjoy smoking it because of this dichotomy. As the child strain of Tangerine Amnesia and Ghost OG, Tea Tree shares the same genetics as another real crowd-pleaser, Screamin OG. What makes it unique from Screamin OG is its phenotype. A phenotype, in layman’s terms, is simply a strain that has altered characteristics based on the environment in which it’s cultivated. The real difference in my book is that Tea Tree displays its indica heritage more than Screamin OG does, and it also seems to have a mellower high overall. Don’t be deceived, though, Tea Tree can still pack a punch and get you amped up if you smoke it during the daytime.

If you’re looking to savor a little Tea Tree for yourself, then you best go to the only source for this specific phenotype in the entire world: The Station, a medical and recreational dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. If you’ve been looking for a professional yet laid-back joint to purchasing your cannabis, look no further. The Station isn’t like most gimmicky dispensaries around the state and has only one mission, to bring you what you desire – top shelf medical and recreational cannabis without all the showmanship and coupon cutting. You can pick up an eighth of Tea Tree for only $45, and trust me when I say, it’s worth every penny.

Check out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.com

Tea Tree :: Appearance | Smell:

If you’ve met me then you’d know just how excited I can get when I’m trying a new food, beer, or, in this case, strain. I gleefully grabbed my little tamper-resistant jar and like a kid on Christmas tore off the lid to see what treasures were in store for me inside. As soon as I had popped the top I released a familiar OG scented tang into the air. As I buried my nose in the jar I picked up a massive array of smells that had my nose genuinely confused. The initial OG dankness faded and a lighter skunky aroma came forth, bolstered by a very sweet note. The sweet sugary smell also yielded a rather bizarre rich, buttery aroma that almost made the strain smell like a batch of skunky cookies. As I dug in deeper I also picked up the tiniest hint of Diesel, which I assumed came from some Chemdawg that was in Tea Tree’s ancestry. If you forced me to transcribe every smell that I detected into one word, that word would have to be “green”. I popped a fat nugget out of my jar and started to look over the bud structure on Tea Tree. The buds themselves looked to be rather plump and stocky, traits indicative of an indica. The flowers had a light green and slightly orange tint to them that was a perfect accent for the dark reddish brown hairs which appeared in moderation across the surface. There was also a very respectable number of trichomes on the plants as well, just waiting to be immolated for my amusement. Overall, Tea Tree has a very formidable appearance that matches its dankly unique smell.

Tea Tree :: Smoke | Effect:

Combustion time! My weapon of choice this time tea-tree-2was a small bubbler. After vacating some residuals from a previous session, I cleaned out my bowl and ground up some Tea Tree to sample. A dash over the surface with my hemp wick and the fields of green were set ablaze. I took my first puff. I’ll start by trying to convey to you how insanely smooth Tea Tree is; it’s insane. I took a rather large hit and as I slowly exhaled through my nose, the most I got on a harshness level was a tickle. The mouthfeel was even extremely light, and I didn’t even realize how large a toke I had taken until I released a massive cloud on the exhale. As the odor had alluded, the flavor was quite sweet. Still intrigued by the fluffiness of the smoke I smacked my lips a few times to see what other zest I might be able to detect. There was a very mild spearmint flavor that I detected as an aftertaste and a tiny amount of pepper flavor, that I can only assume is what spawned my nose tickles from before. The overall theme though was simply light, fluffy, and sweet. Tea Tree is not a creeping strain and hit me almost as soon as I set the bubbler down. In a sensation that started behind my eyes, I quickly found myself excessively giggly, moderately euphoric, and just a little bit amped up. I had no agenda for the rest of my evening and I figured the best allocation of my time would be tooling around the internet for exclusive deals on things that I didn’t need. After purchasing a shower radio and a video game that I (guess what) didn’t need, I started to feel some of the indica effects kick in. While it wasn’t as couch crashing as some I’ve experienced in the past, if my body had been in any way reposed, I know that sleep would have inevitably followed.

Overall ::

Tea Tree is a very versatile strain. While it didn’t ever cause any of the heart racing effects of sativas, and the limb numbing sensations of indicas, it very gracefully balanced out the two into a perfect hybrid effect. If you’re affected by it in any way like I was, then I would tout that Tea Tree might be one of the best utility strains to always have on hand in your stash. You can smoke it at night and not have your mind racing as you try to sleep and you can smoke it during the day and not inadvertently crash onto your bed at two in the afternoon. Anyone searching for a strain that’s perfect for daily smokers has found one. I just wish it was around back in my college days. I guess logic dictates I’ll simply need to smoke twice as much now to make up for all that I missed out on then. If you’ve never tried Tea Tree for yourself, then you’ve got some catching up to do as well!#JessetheGrove



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