Uli-Berry : Strain Review

Uli-Berry : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Green Solution

Sometimes the mood calls for a sativa and sometimes an indica. If you’re a seasoned cannabis smoking veteran then you’ll know all the unique differences between these categories. As a general rule, indica is the choice for the evening and sativa is the choice for the daytime. This is only a rule of thumb, however, and every so often I come along a strain that breaks the mold and highlights tendencies towards the opposite spectrum. This was precisely the case when I first sampled a batch of Uli-Berry, a brand-new cannabis strain crafted in honor of Larry Ulibarri, renowned local radio show host, and notorious cannabis enthusiast. Larry and his partner in crime Wig’nz, are also hosts of The Green Solution® Studio. and working in concert with growers at The Green Solution®, Larry now has his own namesake strain: Uli-Berry. Uli-Berry is an indica by genetics but packs a punch worthy of some of the most potent sativa strains. Not only is this cannabis deceptively strong, but it also is loaded with some wonderful terpenes, that are more than willing to yield their flavors and smells to make Uli-Berry an olfactory and taste bud sensation. If you’re new to the wide world of cannabis, I’ll warn you, this strain is not for newbies or the faint of heart.

If you want to get ahold of some Uli-Berry to sample for yourself, there is only one dispensary in the world that you’re going to find it, The Green Solution®. The Green Solution® is a premier Colorado cannabis dispensary that is focused on producing its flower, edibles and concentrates in-house to assure their customers the highest quality products at the lowest prices in town.

Uli-Berry :: Appearance | Smell:

I started my Uli-Berry adventure with a simple observation round. On a cursory glance, Uli-Berry has got everything going for it. The trichome content is on the higher end of the spectrum and made my little nuggets shimmer when I held them up to the light. The calyxes and undersides of the nuggets seemed  to have a massive concentration of little sugary trichomes which appeared to give the nuggets a lighter hue than the buds actually possessed. Uli-Berry is a hairy little strain as well. Not only are its hairs plentiful, but they also have amazing color to them. Each little hair showcases a deep rich orange color that verges on umber. One thing that stood out to me about Uli-Berry was its bud structure. Indica strains are well known to be the short squat nuggets of the cannabis world, while sativas are on the tall and gangly side. Uli-Berry, despite being an indica by genetics, looks for all the world like small slender nuggets of sativa. The smell, however, does bring the strain back to the realm of indica with a deep, dank aroma. Besides the undeniable dankness, there is also a delightfully sweet aroma to the nuggets as well, that leads back to its berry heritage. There is also a bold and dark bouquet to the strain as well, that comes off as being almost chocolaty. This trifecta of dank, fruit, and chocolate makes Uli-Berry one of those strains that you simply can’t stop whiffing.

Uli-Berry :: Smoke | Effect:

Armed with my favorite little bubbler, some good friends, and a rousing board game, I ground up a nugget of Uli-Berry and prepared my hemp wick for an adventure. I slowly started to burn the edge of my bowl of Uli-Berry. There was something that I noticed immediately as I inhaled. This is some amazingly smooth stuff. I mean, really smooth. It’s the kind of smooth you would expect from the Fonz, except it isn’t Italian and doesn’t ride motorcycles. As I passed the bubbler on, the smoke emitting from the bowl was very translucent for cannabis smoke. I’m used to a wall of this opaque haze rising from the event of smoking, but instead all that was present was a little wisp. The flavor profile was very different from the smell. The one thing that did seem to carry over was the sweetness from the berry odor. The deep, dark, and dank aromas that were so prominent in the smell, didn’t make it to the party, which was honestly okay with me. What was left was the sweet notes of a fruit that doesn’t exist in any part of the world I know of. Maybe it’s a fruit that’s analogous to the progeny of a grape, blueberry, and strawberry love triangle. One thing was certain though, by the time the bubbler had made it back around to me (a matter of seconds) I was already feeling the effects of Uli-Berry. Turning our attention back to the board game, our new cannabis high from Uli-Berry wasn’t doing us any favors as we bumbled around a museum, looking for some way to stop the ancient ones from coming and destroying the planet (you know, typical Sunday evening stuff). Uli-Berry is some potent stuff. After another round of bubbler passing which led to a completely cashed bowl, we were all feeling giggly and surprisingly not drowsy or groggy. I had started our session with the caveat that we were smoking an indica strain, but found my warning unjustified. I along with my friends was feeling darn peppy. As the game continued, we all seemed to be exceedingly buzzed but were able to get our act together enough to save the world just in time (who said cannabis smokers never did anything great?) As time passed, the indica effects still didn’t hit us, and it was high time for another bowl!


Uli-Berry is a wonderful utility strain to have around your house. Not only is it remarkably smooth, aesthetically pleasing, and sweet, but it has an effect that seems more potent than its 19.88% THC content would lead you to believe. Larry should be proud of his namesake strain, because it’s honestly some top shelf stuff. If you’re in the market for a daily smoke that is both potent and less likely to cause paranoia than some standard sativas, then Uli-Berry is just what you’ve been looking for.


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