Underdawg OG : Strain Review

Underdawg OG : Strain Review
Healing House Denver Marijuana Strain Review

It’s a dog-eat-dog world. Everyone is striving to produce the best cannabis and be the top dog when it comes to their growing process. Some dispensaries shine, while other tend to go to the dogs. Sorry to hound you with so many dog idioms, but I can’t help but get a little worked up after finding the one dog out there that always gets its bone, Underdawg OG. Underdawg OG is an indica-dominant strain possessing some of the finest breeding in the entire show. Purportedly, Underdawg OGtwo classic strains (OG Kush and Sour Diesel) came together to create this delightful indica, and with their specific lineages create a smoke that’s both remarkably smooth and surprisingly spicy. OG Kush is the parent strain responsible for putting the “dawg” in Underdawg OG, seeing as OG Kush is the direct child strain of Chem Dawg and Hindu Kush. Other than providing fodder for my horrible dog jokes, OG Kush is also responsible for bringing the heavier indica effects and the dank OG smell to the table in Underdawg OG. Sour Diesel, as a heavy-hitting sativa, brings a touch of sativa into the mix which balances out the overall high imparted when smoking Underdawg OG. Underdawg OG itself is a relatively prolific and fast growing strain with denser bud structure that looks stereotypically indica. While its original creator will likely remain a mystery, it’s no mystery as to why this strain is so popular.

I picked up my nuggets of Underdawg OG at Healing House, a medicinal and recreational dispensary located in Denver, CO, within spitting distance of DU. Healing House has the perfect combination of being both hip and laid back, and is the perfect stop for people visiting Colorado who want to try some of the absolute best cannabis around. Healing House has also become a staple in the community and has become a favorite for locals who want superior products at a fair price.

Underdawg OG :: Appearance | Smell:

I popped the top on my Underdawg OG to take a look at what my evening was going to be like. Underdawg OG has a pale sage green color accompanied by a moderate amount of trichomes. As anticipated, the bud structure tended to be pretty compact, as one would expect from an indica-dominant. The medium amount of trichomes was compensated with by numerous little orange hairs speckling the entire surface of my nugget. Just like a Westminster Dog Show judge, I lifted up the tail on my Underdawg OG and took a look at its underside. The calyxes had significantly more trichomes than the rest of the nugget and the stem inside my nugget was extremely delicate and small. Now, unlike a Westminster Dog Show judge, I dug my nose deep into that backside to get a good whiff. Underdawg OG has a very heavy smell, gratis the Skunk heritage from its Sour Diesel parent strain and the OG traits from its OG Kush parent. The overall scent is dank and spicy with the daintiest hint of sweet grass. If you really dig in deep you can pick up on the slightest chem notes from its Chem Dawg genetics, which make an appearance on both sides of its family tree.

Underdawg OG:: Smoke | Effect:

I broke up a little nugget of Underdawg OG, loaded it into my sampling one-hitter, and lit up my hemp wick. The slight spiciness hit me right away. While it wasn’t an extremely strong spicy flavor, it was definitely enough that I noticed it. On the exhale the sweetness really came out, and quickly overwhelmed the initial spice factor I had experienced. The best part about it was the fact that the smoke was exceptionally smooth. While the sweetness and the spice may have imparted a flavor, the overall experience was just about as smooth andUnderdawg OG mellow as smoke can get. Positively enamored by the smells and flavors of Underdawg OG, I sat back, took another few puffs, and waited for the effects to kick in. Underdawg OG doesn’t play games and doesn’t have a creeping high. Within a minute or two I could already feel a numbness in my extremities and a rather delightful fog in my brain. As the high really set in, I was picking up mostly on the indica effects that the strain had to offer. After fifteen minutes or so the initial brain fog had worn off and I was feeling somewhat functional again. While I didn’t have the desire to get up and do something strenuous, I was certainly capable of locomotion, and wasn’t completely couch-locked like some indica strains will do. I decided the best course of action was to enjoy the rest of my evening sitting on the couch with some friends eating pizza and playing video games – always a good way to spend your evening. The effects of Underdawg OG were rather durable, for lack of a better word, and I found that my desire to eat more pizza and play more video games just wouldn’t diminish even a good hour after smoking. While I didn’t feel tired during my session, I’m almost certain that if I had chosen to partake in a bowl later in the evening there is a good chance it would have put me to sleep.

Overall ::

Underdawg OG is a really well balanced strain. While it certainly leans more towards the indica side of the spectrum, there is a good chance that depending on the situation it would prove itself to be a superb daytime smoke. The munchies are certainly a factor however, so if you’re looking for a strain to induce appetite, you’ve found it, and if you’re not looking to induce appetite, lock the fridge. Other than its ability to make me eat an entire pizza, Underdawg OG did a great job at relaxing both my body and mind, leaving me smiling and sedate. With this in mind, it led me to conclude that it’s likely a perfect solution for anxiety, insomnia, and depression. With a scrumptious flavor, a silky smooth smoke, and a soothing effect it doesn’t get much better than this. If every dog has its day, and if that dog is Underdawg OG, I sincerely hope that it’s every day.#JessetheGrove



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