White Tang : Strain Review

White Tang : Strain Review
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It is my firm belief that there is a perfect strain out there for everyone. I really do mean everyone. Whether you suffer from migraines ever few weeks and need an indica to chill out the muscles in your dome, or if you suffer from depression and need some sativa to put a smile back on your face, there is a form of cannabis out there that will help you. Sometimes at the end of a long week, you need a strain that will completely fry you for a few hours so you can hit the metaphorical reset button on your brain. If you’ve been looking for a mind-numbing, ego wiping, neurotransmitter purging type of strain, then let me tell you about White Tang. White Tang is a hybrid strain that leans a little more towards the indica side of the spectrum. Two indica-dominant strains, Tangerine Haze and White OG join forces to create White Tang. While both White Tang-1parent strains may be indica dominant there are several very sativa-feeling tendencies in the high instilled by their child strain. Tangerine Haze is often misclassified as being the direct crossing of NYC Diesel and G13 Haze, when in all actuality Tangerine Haze is a product of a self-crossing of G13 Haze X NYC Diesel. So while it’s hypothetically correct to call Tangerine Haze the direct child, skipping the self-crossing leaves out a crucial step in the genetic selection process. When you see that NYC Diesel is a sativa and G13 Haze is a hybrid, it becomes clear that some selective breeding occurred to create the indica-dominant Tangerine Haze. The other parent strain to White Tang, White OG, is another indica dominant strain with a commonly misconstrued background. While it’s a fact that The White is one of the two parent strains of White OG the other parent is either SFV OG, SFV OG Kush, or SFV OG Kush BX2 depending on who you find your genetics from. The common link is SFV OG, which is a classic indica dominant strain that always brings a hint of dankness into the picture along with a nigh-debilitating indica body high. Whatever the breeding may be the end result, White Tang, is a strain so smooth and so potent that it will go down in my mind as one of the heaviest hitting strains I’ve ever had, that is if I have the capacity to remember things again.

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White Tang :: Appearance | Smell:

It was time to pop the hood on my little jar of White Tang and see and smell what makes this delectable strain such a hit. The smell hit me before I had a chance to even look at the nuggets. The odor was a very strong dankness White Tang-2that I often correlate to strains with Kush heritage. The smell was extremely sweet and just a bit skunky as well. I was surprised that despite having both Chemdawg and Diesel ancestry, I didn’t pick up on any chem odors from White Tang. When I really dug my nose in, I did pick up a delightful citrus scent that only seemed fitting for the child of Tangerine Haze. The nuggets themselves seemed to want to conform to this citrus motif as well and had a unique yellowish-orange tint. There was a bounty of trichomes over the surface, but still deceptively few for how powerful a punch this strain packs. A fair number of curly little orange hairs also graced the surface of White Tang and added to the tangerine theme. Overall, I must say that White Tang has a very unassuming look to it for how much oomph it has.

White Tang :: Smoke | Effect:

I broke up a nugget of White Tang and loaded it in my little Denver Broncos Pipe, Omaha. White Tang is not the kind of strain that plays games with you, I swear I was uproariously stoned before the fire from my hemp wick even hit leaf. The flavors from White Tang were absolutely scrumptious. The big winners in the flavor contests were the sweet skunkiness and a bizarre yet welcome zestiness that I can only correlate to five spice. The exhale was proof of just how smooth the smoke from White Tang is, and it also yielded a fresh garden flavor as well. As I mentioned before, White Tang’s effects hit me in the face like a ton of bricks. I was pinned to the couch almost immediately with very potent indica body effects; however, my brain was racing at the same time with a very potent cerebral high indicative of most sativas. Parlaying the very specific combination of ratiocinative thought and flubber-legs into something useful, I ordained it the opportune time to do something nerdy, like painting models! Not only White Tang-3was the high from White Tang potent, but shockingly long lasting. I found myself transfixed on every little dollop of paint, and for the next hour was completely in my own little world; It was awesome!

Overall ::

What more can I say about a strain that so diligently hits you with effects from both sides of the spectrum at the same time. For me, this combination simply screams creativity. Not only does White Tang give you the cerebral awareness to focus on whatever artsy-fartsy crafts you may have on the agenda for the day, but it pretty much forces you to stay seated and working on them. While I’ll admit that I’m usually completely incapable of writing a single word after I’ve smoked, I do believe that White Tang might be an exception to that. While I was undeniably brain-zapped I was also perfectly at ease and think that I might have actually been able to write while enjoying a bowl of White Tang. If I’m able to function, I can only imagine what others may be able to create when smoking this epic chronic. So if you’ve been on the lookout for that perfect strain for you, and if you feel that said perfect strain must be capable of temporarily locking you into a different state of reality, then I would wager you’ve found what you’re looking for in White Tang. Remember, You