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Colorado Bud and Breakfast
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There’s a unique advantage to living in Colorado and smoking cannabis.Bud And Breakfast-5 Before you say, “duh, cause it’s legal” let me point out a concern many out of state visitors never reckon when they book their flight. It is illegal to smoke marijuana in dispensaries, it’s illegal to smoke in parks, it’s illegal to smoke in cars, it’s illegal to smoke in most hotels, and believe it or not it’s illegal to smoke in most apartments (unless the management is very dope). I’ve had the luxury of living in a house since legalization happened and haven’t had to worry about breaking the law. So, if you’re heading out to Colorado for the marijuana and don’t happen to know of a legal place to smoke, what’s a midnight toker to do? There is a brand-new solution that has spawned from the concept of Airbnb and VRBO. Bud and Breakfast is a new site custom tailored to link you up with a room to stay at here in Colorado that’s not just marijuana friendly, but marijuana encouraged. To get an idea of what this looks like, I teamed up with my friend René who was visiting from the Netherlands and booked ourselves a night to stay with my friend Jeremy, who’s just started up his very own Bud and Breakfast located in Littleton, Colorado. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure in our pot rental (If you know what that quote’s from, we can be best friends)!

We arrived at Jeremy’s quaint Littleton abode and were greeted by Bud And Breakfast-6some stellar macro shots of cannabis gracing the walls in his den. He showed us both up to our rooms to start so we could set our things down. I had the fortune of staying in the master suite, which came fully loaded. The bathroom had a very delicious looking jacuzzi tub and a great view of the backyard which was perfectly suited for smoking and hanging out in. My room also came equipped with a Roku tv that was hooked into multiple different web services and was ready to play whatever my heart desired. Perhaps most charming of all was the little welcome gift on the table by my bed stand. In a little dram sat waiting, loaded with my very own joint, ready to be sparked up on a whim. I took a quick peek at René’s room as well and he was equipped with the same setup including a tv and welcome joint. After we settled in a little we went downstairs to see what else a Bud and Breakfast spot is all about.

Jeremy started by pointing out the soda selection and the snacks that he provides for his guests that are staying. A couple strategically placed candy bowls offered the sugar overload that would be our undoing, and his kitchen cabinet was simply Bud And Breakfast-3loaded with snack size bags of chips (a dangerous combination with cannabis). Also, much to my hearts delight a full rockband/guitar hero setup was sitting and waiting in his living room. After a couple well-deserved shots of fireball, we cracked into the beer I’d brought and retired to the deck for some dabs.

Another thing many people overlook when visiting Colorado is procuring a smoking device to enjoy said legal marijuana in. While a little toke and toss pipe is always an option, who wants to come all the way out here just to singe their nose hairs on a two-inch long pipe that needs to be reloaded every hit? The advantage of staying at a Bud and Breakfast is also having access to a large variety of glass, and Jeremy certainly had a large variety.

With rig in hand, we all sat down on the porch for a smoke in the early Colorado evening. It was a truly delightful summer evening and as we overlooked Jeremy’s massive back yard, seating area, and fire pit a light rain started to fall. A couple more dabs and and we lit up a joint for good measure. By now the sun was setting and an orange glow lit the horizon as the pitter patter of rain melded seamlessly with Otis Redding’s “Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay”. Another beer and a fully destroyed joint and we were so ready for some rockband!

It had been the better part of s decade sinceBud And Breakfast-2 I’d had the joy of jamming out on rock band with some friends, but a Bud and Breakfast stay was the perfect opportunity. After trolling around the tunes for a while and picking up a few extra songs (don’t worry, we got a bunch of Queen) we all took turns swapping out instruments and singing. And after many hours of butchering great hits ranging from David Bowie and Freddie Mercury to Steppenwolf and Wolfmother, we decided it was time chill and watch a movie. The appropriate choice was Rocknrolla a Guy Ritchie film that had somehow slipped through the crack for me. Some more beers, more bowls, and an unhealthy amount of complimentary Bud and Breakfast candy and it was quitting time. I went up to my room and passed out watching a night cap of Judge Dredd with Stallone.

I awoke the next morning to the smell of sizzling bacon and went downstairs to find Jeremy frying up the good stuff and René already firing up the guitar. Back on the wagon my friends, another bowl and maybe another price of candy! Bud and Breakfast indeed. We picked up right where we left off.Bud And Breakfast-1

If you’re planning on visiting Colorado for a marijuana vacation there are a plethora of advantages to staying in a Bud and Breakfast like Jeremy’s. Not on will you be in a place where it is safe and legal to smoke, but you can take full advantage of local dispensary knowledge, learn firsthand the best restaurants and activities in the area, and chill out with a bunch of like-minded individuals from another state. I know that from speaking to René, it was one of his favorite nights of his three months stay in America and with the amount of laid back fun I had I can see why. If you’re looking for a place to chill in Colorado or just want a marijuana friendly spot to head to after a long day of Colorado fun you should really consider staying at a Bud and Breakfast. Take out the guesswork and know that you’re consuming cannabis the right way on your next stay, and don’t forget fire up that singing voice, you’ve got to try to hit those Freddie Mercury notes.#JessetheGrove

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If you’re hitting up Colorado to enjoy a cannabis friendly vacation, you should look into Bud and Breakfast to book a stay at a marijuana friendly room.
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