Chronic Therapy : Marijuana Concentrates

Chronic Therapy : Marijuana Concentrates
Dabs Marijuana Wax Wheat Ridge Dispensary Review

As the weather in Colorado gets colder, my activities begin to retreat further and further inside, bringing me closer and closer to my warm and comfortable bed. On weekends like these, my natural reaction is to reach back into my bag of old school tricks, and do what any sensible cannabis user would do: the wake and bake. Oh yes, any smoker can tell you ALL about days they’ve started with a toke, a cup of coffee, and hours of progressive rock through a set of noise-canceling headphones (well, maybe not every smoker, but certainly THIS guy). Marijuana concentrates and marijuana itself can be purchased from sites such as, offering the good-quality product without having a card, offering you many benefits which are both physical and mental. It has never been easier to shop. For anyone who is new to the world of smoking, try this on for size: what about instead of smoking cannabis in the morning, why not vape it? Chronic Therapy Wheat RidgeWake and Vape… I like it. And it certainly complements my weekend nighttime equivalent: “Pay the tab, have a dab.” If you’re a recreational cannabis user, and are at all curious in dabbing, I would recommend Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge. Right now, they have a special deal that’ll be sure to get you out of the warm comforts of any blanket fort, and into the store.

Marijuana Concentrates are exactly what they sound like: through a process of extracting the THC from the plant matter, usually by using butane, to produce a thick and sticky substance known as Butane Hash Oil. In the simplest sense, a “dab” is putting a small amount of this butane hash oil, or BHO, against an ultra-hot surface, such as a heated titanium nail. The BHO immediately vaporizes, and becomes a very smooth and flavorful smoke, with concentrations getting as high as 90% THC. Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge has always had very affordable marijuana concentrates. With shatter and wax produced by Mahatma and Venom, you’re sure to find a strain-specific concentrate that suits your fancy. Now, there’s an even better reason to try dabs. For a limited time, Chronic Therapy is offering ten dollars off any shatter or wax with the purchase of a gram of flower from the store. That means, you can pick up a gram of shatter for $40, or wax for $35. In other words, in the recreational realm, this is absolutely unheard of. Chronic Chronic Therapy Wheat RidgeTherapy is already known for having high-quality buds, and for being the furthest dispensary west before you hit the high prices of the mountains, but now you can try out some dabs.

Not sure how to do a dab? No problem. One of my major gripes with Chronic Therapy when I first visited them was their lack of smoking devices. Fortunately for all of us, since my last visit, the store has been stocked fully by “What U Tokin’ Bout?” a local glass distributor that has pieces from blowers all over the world. Their pieces include chillums, pipes, and bongs, but they also have several smaller dab rigs that you can use to get your first dabbing experience. Heck, even if you’re a seasoned concentrate user, I would still say check out some of their pieces. With such a spectacular deal on concentrates in the store, you’d be a sucker not to. As an adult, I have absolutely no shame in saying I’d be absolutely satisfied building a blanket fort in my room, smoking a dab or two, watching the world melt momentarily, and then flipping on the Broncos game this weekend. If that doesn’t sound like a solid plan to you, well… don’t knock it till you try it.


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