Treating PTSD with Marijuana

Treating PTSD with Marijuana
Medical Marijuana PTSD

Chances are, you’ve heard about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or perhaps know someone who is affected on a daily basis by it. PTSD is a sometimes debilitating disorder that effects people who have either witnessed or experienced a disturbing event. Often PTSD is only diagnosed in soldiers coming home from battle, but in truth the disorder can be attributed to any traumatic event including traffic collisions, sexual assault, natural disasters, and sudden death of loved ones. PTSD can even be instilled by use of heavy drugs such as methamphetamines. The most common symptoms of PTSD include (but aren’t limited to) anxiety, sleeplessness, mood changes, flashbacks, and depression. While alternative options like therapy can be extremely effective for individuals suffering from PTSD, in many situations modern osteopathic treatments, like prescription drugs, end up causing more problems than they correct. A typical pharmacy solution will include a smorgasbord of different drugs to help induce sleep, diminish anxiety, and negate depression. The side-effect list that tags along with these prescriptions is very extensive and includes a plethora of extremely unpleasant conditions. I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but from what I’ve witnessed, marijuana can provide a solution out there for many of the individuals suffering from PTSD, providing you live in a medically legal state or country you can reap the benefits of medicinal marijuana, you’re now even able to buy all your necessities online, from cannabis / oil to consumption products like bongs and vaporizers, if you’ve yet to see how strong concentrated wax is and it’s medical values you may want to look into shatter Canada.

How Cannabis Can Treat PTSD

PTSD is an issue that can’t be physically diagnosed like a broken bone. Its cause can be different in every individual and its manifestation can be just as diverse. Cannabis has the advantage of treating a huge number of the different symptoms related tBotanaCare Northglenno PTSD, with only a fraction of the side-effects that prescription drugs usually have. For anxiety, CBD is one of the best options available and you can learn more about this when you buy some Sensei CBD Oil. While many people may have had experiences of anxiety from cannabis in the past, strains and extracts that are produced to have high levels of CBD will have the exact opposite effect. CBD also is beneficial for simply creating a sense of calmness in a natural manner that doesn’t involve any severe side-effects (apart from the occasional munchies). CBD also has been found to have nigh-miraculous effects on the brain’s internal chemistry, and even can be attributed to actually helping the brain heal from traumatic events. Perhaps most importantly of all, CBDs cause a powerful body high and instill drowsiness, which is quintessential for individuals with PTSD that are having issues with insomnia. THC (the primary high-causer in cannabis) also has an important part to play. THC is a phenomenal up-lifter, and can help with depression, which is another symptom of PTSD. THC in concert with CBD can also promote a long restful night’s sleep and has the possible effect of diminishing night terrors that are commonly associated with PTSD. The forgetfulness often accredited to THC consumption also plays a crucial role since it can help diminish obsessive thoughts of the stressful event and help the individual suffering from PTSD fall asleep quickly. In the short term, smoking cannabis is a very fast way to treat panic attacks or flashbacks. While other medications for panic attacks may take a long time to come into effect, cannabis is extremely fast acting and can help the patient calm down quickly and safely.
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Why People Are Being Denied Medicinal Cannabis To Treat PTSD

Despite the ever-amassing pool of information concerning the amazing benefits of medicinal marijuana, the list of reasons that allow you to attain a medicinal marijuana card are surprisingly slim. As it stands, there are currently no issues other than physical issues that will allow individuals to receive their medical marijuana license. While it may seem illogical, the individuals who were injured during the event that caused their PTSD are the only ones that are able to pursue the course and actually receive their medicinal marijuana cards. I sat down with Robin Hackett, one of the co-owners of BotanaCare, to discuss the issue more in-depth. As Robin confirmed, “If you’re injured or have a physical wound, then you can get the card, but you need to have physical issues. It’s like the mental issues don’t count.” What makes marijuana an even better treatment is the fact that each strain effects the individual differently, meaning that there are strains out there that hypothetically can help each individual suffering from PTSD. As Robin mentioned, there are 1,000’s of strains out there and everyone is going to have their “cat’s meow” that can act as a beneficial long-term solution for their disorder. The battle has already begun to get PTSD added onto the list of acceptable reasons to issue someonBotanacare-7e a medicinal marijuana card. The primary reason that the addition has been denied revolves around “lack of research on PTSD.” Robin pointed out that there hypothetically isn’t even enough research to have chronic pain (which is listed as a reason to attain medicinal marijuana) on the list. The other concern revolves around individuals abusing the system and attempting to gain access to a medical card under the false-pretense of mental disorder. This reasoning falls flat in a state that has already ratified the legal use of recreational marijuana (meaning that you can easily get recreational marijuana from sites like The chances that people will use PTSD in order to receive a medicinal marijuana care are low, considering that almost any other ailment on the list (such as chronic pain) can be easier to mimic. All that the exclusion of PTSD from the medical card list is doing is depriving honest people suffering from a disorder one of the only treatments that can safely and naturally help them.
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