Darth Maul Caviar

Darth Maul Caviar
Concentrate Review Healing House Denver Marijuana Caviar Moon Rocks

It’s a big deal no matter how you want to label it.Darth Maul Caviar-1 Whether you’re from the west coast and call them caviar or from a place where they’re known as moon rocks (regardless of the strain) these little gems of weedy goodness are everything a smoker dreams of. If you want to have them made in the best conceivable way possible then you want to check out Healing House a Denver marijuana dispensary. Healing house specializes in entirely organic, non-GMO, vegan grown cannabis. When you buy from Healing House you know that you’re getting the cleanest healthiest buds around. When you’re buying caviar from Healing House then it’s worth mentioning the extra care they put into their caviar production. I recently received a nugget of Darth Maul caviar from Healing House. And there are a few things that make it unique from caviars you may have sampled in the past (besides being entirely organic and produced in-house). For starters healing house doesn’t use oil for its caviar like most locations, they instead use rosin produced from their very own Darth Maul plants. Rosin, unlike oils, is produced using a solvent less pressure-based process. That means that no harsh chemicals ever touch the cannabis being used in Healing House caviar. Another unique aspect is the fact that they make their caviar entirely strain specific. That means my Darth Maul Caviar was made with Darth Maul nuggets, Darth Maul rosin, and coated with Darth Maul keef. That’s a whole lot of sith in such a tiny nugget of caviar. It was time to get a little flavor of the dark side.

This amazing Darth Maul Caviar is only available at Healing House, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary located in Denver, Colorado. Healing House not only has some amazing in-house caviar but they also have one of the largest selection of strains in the state with literally dozens of organic strains to choose from. If you find yourself near the DU area, Healing House is definitely worth stopping by for a visit.

Darth Maul Caviar :: Appearance | Smell:

Darth Maul Caviar is hands down some Darth Maul Caviar-3of the best marijuana caviar I’ve ever seen. I feel like a great deal of this high-quality comes from the arduous hand crafting process that is put into every batch. That and a little bit of know-how on what makes a great chunk of caviar great. Too often caviar nuggets are coated in too much oil, and often low-quality oil at that, which was clearly not the case here. Just by looking at the outside of this Darth Maul Caviar I had concluded it was amazing even before I took a knife to it. When I started with my first incision I was treated to a very potent pine aroma that was very crisp and clean smelling. This is when I noticed just how well-crafted these caviar nuggets are. Often times, when you get a caviar nugget, the inside is a soupy mess of dark oil. These nuggets, however, were still clearly a nugget on the inside and possessed two very distinct layers of rosin and keef. I have no doubt that using rosin also helps to create these distinctive layers and makes the effect complete. The sweet terpene loaded smells from Darth Maul are absolutely second to none and when it’s loaded with keef and rosin, it only gets better. With a sugary outside, a sticky rosin layer, and a core of pure good old-fashioned bud this is what caviar is meant to be. Now can it possibly taste as good as it looks and smells? There is was only one way to find out.

Darth Maul Caviar :: Smoke | Effect:

I loaded up a new mesh filter into a clean pipe (not an easy feat when there is no resin in the pipe to stick to). Bowl prepped I chopped off a formidable chunk of Darth Maul Caviar and jammed it in. I, unfortunately, wasn’t paying enough attention and got a goodly sized gob of rosin on my fingers (that was two days ago and I feel like it’s still there). Hemp wick in hand and an evening alone with the cats ahead of me I was ready for some Netflix and Caviar. The little caviar nugget sizzled in protest as I ran a flame along its unguarded posterior. The first flavor I received was that delightful pine aroma in taste form. Darth Maul Caviar-4The mouth feel was incredibly bold and despite the smooth balance of solventless rosin and organic cannabis, it did incite a small coughing session. I’ll never forget what my friend’s creepy apartment janitor used to say, “if you don’t cough, you don’t get off.” Mind you he was usually using that any lady in the room as an extra suave pick-up line, but there was some legitimate wisdom in his words. I had coughed and I had undeniably “gotten off” if contextually that meant getting high. Darth Maul Caviar hit me like a ton of bricks. I was wide eyed and ready for a party, which sadly wasn’t destined to happen this night. I decided it was time for some reruns of star trek (is that blasphemy while smoking a Star Wars themed product?)


The high from Darth Maul Caviar was incredibly fast acting, bright, cerebral, and exciting. If you’ve never experience marijuana caviar or moon rocks before then Darth Maul Caviar is a perfect first. Even if you’re a seasoned pro at the game of caviar, this is going to quickly become your new favorite. Darth Maul Caviar is just as insidious as the dark side and likely twice as fun. So, go ahead and enjoy that Darth Maul Caviar, after all, who doesn’t like a dalliance with evil every now and then?#JessetheGrove