Moon Rocks by Kaviar

Moon Rocks by Kaviar
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If you’re in any way like me then chances are you’re still coming down from the high that was the solar eclipse. Along with a slew of other friends we all made our way North to Nebraska where we could find a little spot to sit and enjoy totality. Having only once before seen a partial eclipse you can bet the chance to experience a complete solar eclipse wasn’t something I was going to pass up. Now, after having witnessed the event I can speak with some experience that if you ever get a chance to find yourself into a zone of totality make it happen. The difference between 99% in 100% is astronomical, literally. Kaviar Moon Rocks-1I was also fortunate enough to not have to drive either way there or back, not that it ended up being a horribly long drive. Thanks to our choice of Nebraska and our early departure right after the Eclipse we didn’t face the traffic that some others experienced on their way home. This also lent my friends and I a unique opportunity on the way up to be stoned out of our minds while my girlfriend drove us. Lucky for me I had a tool in my Arsenal that was very appropriate for the occasion. Moon Rocks created by Kaviar are one of the most extreme and decadent ways to get stoned in the 21st century. These little THC loaded nuggets make for the perfect smoke that is both flavorful and extremely potent. As a few of my friends and I can attest moon rocks were the perfect thing to eclipse our brains for the three-hour drive up to Nebraska at one in the morning.

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Kaviar Moon Rocks :: Appearance | Smell:

If you’ve never had the joy of sampling moon rocks before allow me to expand a little on what they actually are. For starters, you may know them as the common name caviar not to be confused with the brand name Kaviar. Moon rocks or caviar depending on the region of the country you live in are nuggets of marijuana deeply coated in either marijuana oil, shatter, rosin, or wax and then rolled around in the hearty portion of marijuana keef. It all depends on who you ask, some say that moon rocks are only moon rocks if they are made with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain while others consider the definition of moon rocks to be much broader. An easy rule of thumb to not get Californians pissed at you is to say that moon rocks are caviar but not all caviar is moon rocks. In general, if you ask me though, it’s all the same stuff and it all tastes awesome and gets you high. Now that I hopefully have you sufficiently confused let’s start the actual review. I popped the top on my container of Kaviar Moon Rocks to reveal a small glass jar inside. Hiding inside its little glass stasis chamber was a gorgeous oil dripping gem of marijuana goodness. In tried and true style, the nugget of cannabis was not only doused in an epic portion of oil but it was also coated with a thick layer of sugary keef. Not one who’s ever satisfied with a cursory inspection I procured a clean Exacto knife to go in for some surgery. As the blade slogged down through the oil I was able to reveal the nuggetty heart of the marijuana moon rock. Kaviar Moon Rocks-2The inside of the nugget had a dark amber glow from all the oil it had been doused in. The initials sweet keef order that had manifested from opening the jar had transformed into a deep and starkly dank oil smell. As all the unique odors from the moon rocks mixed together in my nostrils, it sort of reminded me of a weedy Americanized Asian dish something like sweet and sour chicken plus weed. The unique dichotomy of this odor makes Kaviar Moon Rocks an olfactory sensation. I wielded my blade and divided the moon rock into a reasonable portion to jam into a bowl. Along with my fellow eclipse faring friends, we prepared ourselves for the next leg of our adventure.

Kaviar Moon Rocks :: Smoke | Effect:

Despite having borrowed grandma’s minivan and going up with a crowd I was only able to find one other taker on our pre-departure moon rocks. I guess more moon rocks for me then. Before I recount my tail of fire meeting rock, let me tell you a little pro tip when smoking marijuana moon rocks or caviar. Extremely high oil content of caviar makes it an ideal candidate as a bowl topper. If you are going to smoke it straight like we were that night, I highly recommend using some sort of filter or screen in your bowl lest you lose all the oil to the bottom of your pipe. Another way to prevent this from happening is by not letting the bowl burn for too long. If you’re able to put out the pipe between hits than the temperature of the oil won’t get so high and it will be less likely to ooze down into your pipe. In this situation, we were using a metal screen which turned out to be a perfect choice. As the rest of our party prepared their stuff for the venture ahead my friend Phil and I sat down at the table and took our first puff. As I lowered the flame down to the bowl, the caviar inside started popping crackle in protest. The flavor that I first received was exceptionally dense and somewhat tart. The smoke was far from timid as well and it made it a hard game to pass the bowl to Phil mid-coughing. The flavor of the exhale was much sweeter and lighter than the initial acrid inhale flavor. During combustion, some of the sweeter resinous notes from the oil came out to play. As everyone else seemed to run around in a panic preparing things, Phil and I sat at the table and let our world slowly melt away, gratis the moon rocks.Kaviar Moon Rocks-3 I’m a firm believer that you’re high is affected strongly by the terpene content and type of strain that you’re smoking. When it comes to a product as strong as marijuana moon rocks the sheer THC content alone is going to send you to one very familiar place. I sat there, my mind racing as the absurd amounts of THC I just consumed went to my head. My initial experience had very minimal body high and very extreme cerebral high. In our undeniably loopy state, we both made it into the car and situated ourselves in the back for the ride ahead. As we made our way North I think it was sometime around Fort Morgan that I realized I was still incredibly stoned. As the rest of the car was trying to take a nap Phil and I sat in the back giggling like idiots at the most mundane of stimuli. Eventually, we passed the test of the Fort Morgan sugar beet factory. By the time we arrived I was feeling pretty sober and extremely tired. A nap was in order before eclipse time. And the back of a minivan at the Scottsbluff Walmart was the perfect setting.


If you missed your chance to catch this eclipse then I’d recommend catching the next that goes through the US in 2024. And when that time comes if you’re looking for the perfect viewing accouterment then look no further than moon rocks. Not only are they an unbelievably fitting product to pair with any celestial event, but they are the perfect solution whenever you want to get high and stay high for an extended period of time. I do need to say that if you’re new to smoking marijuana or are prone to paranoia than Kaviar Moon Rocks may well be your undoing. Even as a seasoned smoker, these little moon rocks can knock me on my ass in an instant. Be prepared for a stellar high, and remember no matter how stoned you get don’t look into the sun.#JessetheGrove

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