OG Sin X Grape Caviar

OG Sin X Grape Caviar
Marijuana Caviar Moon Rocks The Station

Welcome to the day and age of caviar and moon rocks. Although marijuana caviar and marijuana moon rocks are not a new invention, by any means, they’re only now really coming into their own. When I first started my cannabis shenanigans about the only caviar that was on the market was produced inside caviar joints, which had the frequent tendency to be underwhelming and overpriced. Now that the craze of marijuana caviar has become mainstream, the varieties of caviars that I’ve personally sampled has gone from three or four to well over a dozen. There’s a good reason caviar is becoming so popular too. As people become more and more willing to experiment with the different cannabis products on the market they’re starting to realize just how amazing a hybrid of oil, keef, and cannabis can really be. My most recent sampling of marijuana caviar was a unique blend of OG Sin crossed with Grape Ape. This awesome combo brings to the table a full representation of both hybrid and indica inducing a high that that represents almost all sides of the cannabis spectrum. OG Sin X Grape Caviar is an amazing combination that will get you insanely high without crashing you on the couch or getting you paranoid. This crumbly keef-crammed concoction of caviar reins king of its class in causing a balance yet potent high.

If you want to pop the top on some of this amazing OG Sin X Grape Caviar for yourself, the only place you’re going to find available is at The Station a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. The Station slowly but surely has been gathering a rather robust selection of different caviars to choose from but this OG Sin X Grape Caviar is the best I’ve had so far. When you stop in, don’t forget if you show up before 10 AM you can take advantage of their early bird special and save a few bucks off your next purchase.

Check out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.com

OG Sin X Grape Caviar :: Appearance | Smell:

I started my OG Sin X Grape Caviar adventure the same way OG Sin X Grape Caviar-1I do with any adventure, sitting on the couch holding a jar of precious cannabis product. There was something uniquely different about this OG Sin X Grape Caviar. Most of the time little marijuana containers do a fairly decent job at locking in the odors. In the case of this caviar, however, the smells were just a little too potent to be contained inside. The unmistakable tart aroma of grapes seemed to leak continuously from the outside of the container. I wasn’t going to let it stay in there all trapped and alone. I felt it was only right to unleash the full stank of OG Sin X Grape Caviar. After opening the lid of the jar, the odor of grapes was unmistakable. This exceptionally potent scent seems to fill the room in an instant. I popped out a couple nuggets of the caviar onto my palm and examined them. There’s certainly was a massive amount of keef jammed onto the outside of these nuggets and I can only imagine what their insides must look like. Oh, wait, I don’t have to imagine. Grabbing a clean knife, I had at one of the nuggets like a slasher in a horror flick. I proceeded with my little surgical procedure and gingerly peeled back the layers of keef and oil to reveal a golden core of nuggety goodness. The inside of the nugget practically glowed with a light-yellow hue. The initial tart grape aromas were quickly replaced by a deep dark scent of cannabis oil. Not only was this golden layer of amber oil gorgeous, but it also was exceedingly sticky. After taking some soap and water to my blade I had determined that the prognosis for my patient was grim. My professional opinion was that it was too late for my little nugget of OG Sin X Grape Caviar. There was nothing left for me to do for it except to give it a quick and painless death by fire.

OG Sin X Grape Caviar :: Smoke | Effect:

I found the perfect pipe for my caviar experience andOG Sin X Grape Caviar-2 loaded it up with a glass filter to start. I was hanging out with a couple friends and figured that it would only be responsible to load an entire half of a nugget. As we sat around excitedly, I lit up the hemp wick and begin the process of passing it around the circle. The initial flavored that came off OG Sin X Grape Caviar was surprisingly tart and sweet at the same time. This remarkable juxtaposition of flavors made for an amazing smoking experience. It’s also worth noting that this caviar happened to be a little bit smoother than many caviars I’ve experienced in the past. Unsure as to what made OG Sin X Grape Caviar so smooth, I simply attributed it to the strain or the oil that was used in creating these nuggets. I can’t say that I fully detected the grape flavor that I had smelled so strongly when I first open the jar but I did taste the tartness from the odor. As the caviar made its second round we were all already starting to feel it’s unabashedly potent effects. We quickly smoked all the good parts and after a couple rounds were simply left with the dregs at the bottom of the bowl. It was clearly time for some stony board games. Through no small amount of effort, I was able to facilitate setting up the game. OG Sin X Grape Caviar ended up being the perfect smoke for a night of board games. The high that was induced was a perfect combination of cerebral focus and relaxed body with a slight emphasis on the latter. I won’t lie, we did have to remind each other when it was our turn several times but we still were able to function well save for an increased level of giggling. After roughly 45 minutes to an hour had passed, we were all starting to feel the high from OG Sin X Grape Caviar starting to wane. The only rational course of action was to pack the other half of the nugget!


I’ll say it again to reiterate, welcome to the age of caviar. As these miraculous marijuana products take the market by storm, I won’t be the least bit disappointed seeing the shelves filling with caviar and moon rocks. OG Sin X Grape Caviar is one of my new favorites. The overwhelmingly potent smells, delightfully temperate flavors, and extremely powerful hybrid high makes OG Sin X Grape Caviar a truly unique cannabis sensation. If you still have somehow managed to not cross paths with any marijuana caviar yet, now is the time.#JessetheGrove

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