Palm Blunts at The Green Solution

Palm Blunts at The Green Solution
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It’s a very green time of year here in Colorado. The very first hints of spring have arrived, thanks to the unseasonably warm weather, and the days until 420 are narrowing. This, however, is the tale of an adventure that took place a few weeks before, on Saint Patrick’s Day. While I’ll admit to taking part in my traditional Saint Patrick’s Day shenanigans, this particular year was accented by a very unique and perfect party addition gratis. This celebratory treat was in the form of a stuffed pre-rolled palm leaf blunt. It seemed even more fitting that this palm leaf blunt was loaded with the strain Persephone. Persephone, for any of you out there not up to snuff on your Greek mythology, was the goddess of vegetation and more importantly, her return from the underworld and from her husband Hades would also usher in spring. In cannabis form, Persephone has a sweet spring-like smell and a respectable 21.53% THC content. Overall the perfect strain inside the perfect medium for my friends and I to usher in a new cannabis-filled spring. The Irish Car Bombs were being poured, the boxties were bubbling in the fryer, and I had a Persephone Palm Blunt, ready to be lit.

If you want to get your hands on one of these Persephone Palm Blunts, then you best make your way to The Green Solution®. With a dozen locations scattered across the state, there is sure to be a Green Solution® location near you. The fun doesn’t just stop with Persephone Palm Blunts. If you order ahead online you can browse the entire selection from The Green Solution® and find a variety of strain-specific pre-rolls. They’ve got everything from palm blunts and cross joints. If you’re looking for a ready-to-smoke option this 420, then The Green Solution® is the place to look.

I started my evening by first investigating the packaging around my PersephoneTGS Palm Blunt-1 Palm Blunt. Inside The Green Solution’s® blunt box, I found an immaculately rolled and plastic-sealed palm blunt. The first thing that you’ll notice about any of the Palm Blunts from The Green Solution® is that they are very clearly wrapped in a palm leaf. While this may sound silly, think about when you get a blunt wrapper that you know is tobacco; it’s usually processed and it’s impossible to tell that that wrapper used to be a leaf. Not the case here. This blunt is clearly wrapped in a leaf. The next question on your mind might be, why not just sell regular tobacco-wrapped blunts? Due to laws regarding cannabis sales, dispensaries are unable to sell products containing tobacco, so these palm blunts are the best option for a traditional feeling blunt experience. How about that smell? I released the blunt from its little plastic stasis wrap and let out the dank. Persephone is an extremely floral and almost perfume-esque smelling strain. The sweet odors coming off this blunt are simply incredible. The plastic wrap inside the box had done its job keeping in the freshness. There was ample time for this little sucker to cure while it was in said bag so you can assume that the flavors of the cannabis were deliciously absorbed into the palm leaf wrapper itself. That being said, since this palm blunt did spend a fair amount of time living in a bag, in a box, on a shelf, in a store, it was fairly dry. This was not an issue at all for me, but it’s worth noting that it would be easy to crack the sucker when you’re transporting it. My advice is to keep your palm blunt in its box until you’re ready to smoke it or find a ridged tube to store it in until the time is right.

The evening was still young, and I gathered around with my friends that partake in cannabis and started us out by lighting up our Persephone Palm Blunt with a match. Since the blunt itself was rather dry there was no problem getting it sparked up, but I did fear that its dryness could potentially lead to the blunt running a little on one side or the other. The initial inhale was extremely smooth. This was the first time I’d smoked a blunt made with a palm leaf so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The flavor, as I had predicted, was very sweet and floral, just like the aromas from Persephone. The palm leaf did add a somewhat unique flavor that I couldn’t put my finger on. In general, the flavor sort of blended with the taste of the cannabis to form an earthy, rich flavor that was very reminiscent of an unflavored tobacco wrapper. As we passed the Persephone Palm Blunt around, it proved that my fears of the joint running along the edged were unwarranted. I suppose this was proof that this little guy had been wrapped perfectly and packed evenly. TGS Palm Blunt-2I would have us take some credit too for knowing which way to face up as we passed around our weedy treat. Regardless of the how, the palm blunt made several rounds and we were all feeling quite good by the end. Like all pre-rolls, the Persephone Palm Blunt did get moderately harsh as we worked it down to the end. Those of us brave enough to keep smoking down to the paper were rewarded with a massive hybrid high that was the perfect accent to a night of festivities. By the time we put out the rest of our Persephone Palm Blunt, it was time to play some games, and all of us that had smoked were feeling downright dandy (not to say those of us who didn’t smoke weren’t having fun, just maybe not quite as much). The high was a real sticker, and most of us were quite successfully stoned for the next hour or two.

If you are a huge fan of blunts but are sick of rolling them for yourself, then you should check out these palm blunts from The Green Solution®. Not only do they fulfill the exact same niche as a tobacco-wrapped blunt, but I’d like to think that it’s probably a bit more natural than the run-of-the-mill wrappers that you pick up from the gas station. Expect your smoke to be a little different with blunts like this Persephone Palm Blunt. The palm leaves bring to the table a unique additional flavor that I would like to dub as the umami of the cannabis world. So if you’re looking for a perfect accouterment for your 420 this year, or are simply looking for a perfect way to usher in the spring season, Persephone Palm Blunts are a perfect choice! Now it’s up to you to rescue Persephone from the underworld. Don’t forget your coin for the ferryman.#JessetheGrove

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