The Green Solution Pre-Roll Selection

The Green Solution Pre-Roll Selection
Marijuana Caviar Pre Rolled Joints The Green Solution

There’s something amazing about joints. While I normally prefer to smoke my cannabis from a pipe, I must admit that there are a few things that joints have going for them over a bowl. For starters, the humble pre-roll is hands down the most beginner friendly way to smoke cannabis. There’s no lighting a bowl, there’s no pulling slides, there’s no carbs, and there’s nothing more complicated than managing to get your lips to the end of a piece of paper. Another huge benefit of pre-rolls is the fact that you don’t have anything to lug around with you other than a joint and a lighter. Back in the day before legalization, I knew this was a real perk because it meant that you could just chuck out your joint anytime necessary and not be left holding any incriminating evidence. However, now that legalization has hit Colorado, that factor seems to be taking the back burner. Now that enjoying a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette is legal in Colorado, the variety of selection options for pre-rolls has expanded exponentially over the last few years. Pioneering this pre-roll renaissance is The Green Solution®, a Colorado cannabis dispensary chain. Not only does The Green Solution® offer an unrivaled selection of strain-specific pre-rolls, but they also offer a massive range of pre-roll varieties as well. When you visit any of The Green Solution’s® locations, you can expect to find at least a half a dozen different types of joints, not including the different strain specific varieties. You’ll find everything on the shelf from ultra slim joints, which are a perfect smoke with a friend, to gold leaf wrapped joints that are best saved for a celebration or special event. If you’re really in the market to melt your brain they also carry caviar joints, little pre-rolled treats created with oil, cannabis, and kief. Without further ado, I now present to you three of the classic pre-rolls from The Green Solution®.

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Regular Cone

It only seems right to start with a classic: the Regular Cone joint from Pre-Rolls TGS 1The Green Solution®. While I do call it regular, there’s a lot of extraordinary things about this pre-roll. For one each cone from The Green Solution® is weighed to assure that you’re getting the exact amount that you paid for. The fresh strain-specific chronic inside each of these pre-rolled joints is also ground to perfection to make sure that your joint doesn’t run while you’re smoking it. The Green Solution® joints are also a step above some other joints that you may have had in the past that end up being mostly sweet leaf. These joints are the real deal, fresh ground chronic in strain-specific varieties all for your enjoyment. If you’re like me and aren’t a huge joint smoker, another option with these little Regular Cones is to use them in a pipe. Just nip the tip off your joint and sprinkle your pre-ground marijuana into a bowl and enjoy. I have many friends who don’t really like to buy joints but appreciate how affordable the pre-ground cannabis inside them is so they simply use the joint as a pre-rolled pouch of ground weed to sprinkle as needed into a pipe

Caviar Cone

If you’re looking for a joint that packs a bit of extra oomph then you’re really in the market for a Caviar Cone. If you’re new to marijuana caviar, let me give you the short synopsis. It all starts with fresh nuggets of especially tasty marijuana. The next step is taking said scrumptious nuggets and dousing them with a healthy portion of marijuana oil. Once the little nuggets are coated in oil, they’re extremely hard to handle so it’s best to coat them in massive amounts of kief to keep the stickiness down. Alright, I’ll admit it, the kief isn’t really to keep the stickiness down, it’s there to make sure that caviar is about the most potent stuff in town. After the process of crafting caviar, The Green Solution® squishes all that cannabis goodness into pre-rolled joints. When you pick up and start smoking a marijuana caviar joints from The Green Solution®, you’re smoking and dabbing at the same time all in a convenient tiny package that can be thrown away when you’re done (just make sure your joint it entirely extinguished, I don’t want Smokey coming after me). Not that I ever have issues getting stoned when I smoke a joint, but if you’re facing the dire situation of standard joints not getting you high, then a Caviar Cone will fix that. If the extra stoniness wasn’t enough to enjoy caviar joint there is another few great reasons to savor one of these treats from The Green Solution®. Due to the content of concentrate inside the joint, Caviar Cones tend to burn much longer than a regular cannabis pre-roll. Also, thanks to the addition of oil and kief, the flavors that you can get from caviar joints are second to none. Cannabis caviar joints from The Green Solution® are best enjoyed with a friend or two unless you’re extremely brave or have a very powerful tolerance. As a final note, if you’ve never heard of marijuana caviar before, in many circles in Colorado, it goes by the name of moon rocks. Whatever you want to call the concoction inside these pre-rolls, it’s gonna be a good time.

24k Gold Cone

Last but certainly not least, is the gold-leaf-coated pre-roll.Pre-Rolls TGS 2 Sometimes it’s good to get stoned off a marijuana cigarette, but sometimes getting high simply isn’t enough, and you gotta have class and style while you do it. I don’t know if there’s anything in the world that is classier than a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette coated in gold. All joking aside, these little pre-rolled gold treats make perfect gifts for birthdays and special occasions. I know that if I personally received a gold wrapped joint for a present I would be excited about it. What makes these gold leaf joint even better is that they are prepared in the same way as all of The Green Solution’s® other pre-rolls grown, cured, ground, loaded, weighed, and packaged to perfection. Enjoy that 24k Gold Cone next to your shark tank and with a side of caviar. You’ve earned it!

I promise you this is only a fraction of the different pre-rolls available at The Green Solution®. This summer, go into any of their locations and experience what true variety is like. What could possibly make it even better? How about the 10% discount The Green Solution® is throwing in all summer long on all their pre-rolled products? This amazing discount includes everything from individual joints to multi packs like Incognitos and Ultra Slims. Relive the Magic of the joint with The Green Solution® don’t forget to check out their full selection of pre-rolls since I’ve only scratched the surface#JessetheGrove