The Green Solution Military Discount

The Green Solution Military Discount
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Ever since I was too young to be playing with lighters I’ve always had the tradition of blowing things up for the fourth of July. Maybe it dates back to some primal desire to control fire or maybe it’s simply the best way for me to show my patriotism whenever that special day rolls around. It wasn’t until later in life that I started to realize the significance of the Fourth of July, and it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve truly come to appreciate the impact that the cannabis industry can have on the women and men who have served in our armed forces. Without going into too much detail, I have several friends who are ex-military and have had their lives changed by cannabis. While conditions like PTSD have never made their way onto the list of approved reasons for medicinal cannabis, I can vouch for several people who feel that it should qualify. For any veterans out there who need cannabis to treat any number of symptoms, there is a cannabis dispensary that has your back. The Green Solution® not only offers a daily discount for all armed forces personnel, but five times a year on official military holidays they offer an added bonus to those who have served their country.

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The Green Solution® already prides itself on having some of the most affordable in-house produced products around, but if you’ve served your country you can always expect an additional 10% knocked off your entire purchase when you visit. This includes a variety of high CBD products ideal for treating pain, indica-based strains that are perfect for sleepy time, and high THC products that have been shown to aid in the process of memory extinction. The Green Solution® takes it to the next level on military holidays, including Armed Forces Day, Memorial day, Labor Day 9/4, Patriots’ Day 9/11, and Veterans Day 11/11. During these days set aside to remember the sacrifice of current and past Americans in our armed forces, The Green Solution® is tripling their military discount. That means that if you have a valid military ID, you can save 30% off your purchase at The Green Solution® if you pick one of these special days. That adds up to some serious savings and provides a perfect opportunity to stock up on some of the good stuff!

Cannabis and Pain Mitigation

It’s long been accepted that a valid use for cannabis is for mitigating chronic pain from past injuries. This is a reason that will qualify you for medicinal cannabis and one of the few ways that many veterans have been able to access cannabis. Cannabis, particularly CBD, is phenomenal at treating chronic pain, primarily thanks to the fact that they offer a painkiller that is all natural, nowhere near as addictive as opioids, and can be safely taken in large doses with minimal side effects.TGS CBD-5 Even though chronic pain is a valid reason to receive your medicinal cannabis license, many veterans either don’t want to go through the process or have been refused for various other reasons. Therefore, The Green Solution® always offers a 10% discount, to help mitigate the price difference between recreational and medicinal pricing. If you’ve served your country and were left with chronic pain, then I’d highly recommend trying some of Nectar Bee’s™ high-CBD concentrates. Not only are their high-CBD products excellent pain relievers, but they also have a delightful sedative effect and can be purchased with low THC content to pretty much negates the stereotypical cannabis high.

Cannabis and PTSD


Using cannabis to treat PTSD is a rather hot-button subject at the moment. As I mentioned earlier, in most states PTSD is not a qualifier for medicinal cannabis, and Colorado is no different. This situation forces people suffering from PTSD to turn to recreational cannabis, which, when you’re treating a condition that effects someone daily can add up to a pretty penny. The Green Solution® offers its military discount to help balance the cost out. As to how effective cannabis is at treating PTSD, I have several close friends who can vouch for it. On a scientific level, the research here in the U.S. is still in its infancy thanks to our draconian laws on researching cannabis. This hasn’t stopped other countries from testing these effects.

Raphael Mechoulam, Ph.D. is an Israeli doctor who has done just that. His studies have been focused particularly on the natural process of memory extinction and the unique interaction that THC has with the brain’s memory. If you’ve ever enjoyed a cannabis product before, then chances are you’ve noticed that your short-term memory goes right out the window. Dr. Mechoulam wanted to specifically see how it can affect the mitigation of traumatic events, such as those that cause PTSD. In a lab study with mice, Dr. Mechoulam subjected the mice to an electric shock which was conditioned to a correlating sound. When splitting his test group, he found that the mice in the control group would always wince when the sound was played in reaction to an expected shock, while the mice that were (for lack of better wording “stoned”) quickly underwent memory extinction and no longer correlated the shock to the sound after only a few tests. This is a huge leap forward in the study of how cannabis can play a role in the natural process of memory extinction and explains why several of my friends who are effected by PTSD have turned to it.

While the jury is still out on some of the amazing potentials of cannabis. The Green Solution® is offering amazing discounts for active duty and ex-military individuals here in Colorado. I’ll end by noting that the medicinal benefits of cannabis don’t have to be limited to any group. While our military members are getting a nice 10% discount at The Green Solution® on military holidays, it doesn’t mean that every John or Jane out there can’t reap the medicinal rewards cannabis has to offer. On the Fourth of July, I’m going to shoot off some extra explosives to remember the sacrifices that have been made so that I can be here today spreading the word about cannabis and its benefits, both physical and psychological. Thanks to all our veterans and active armed forces for their service, and don’t forget The Green Solution® has a discount just for you!


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The Green Solution Military Discount
All veterans and active military always get 10% off at The Green Solution. The Green Solution is giving veterans a 30% off all products on military holidays.
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