710 Labs Black Mamba Live Rosin : Concentrate Review

710 Labs Black Mamba Live Rosin : Concentrate Review
710 Labs Concentrate Review Emerald Fields Rosin

When the concentrate industry started booming inBlack Mamba Live Rosin-4 Colorado there was an obligatory, initial race for potency. Much in the same way strains initially focused on the highest THC concentration, many extraction companies shifted their attention to making concentrates with the sole purpose of messing you up (not that I’m opposed to such things from time to time). It’s refreshing to see that finally, the emphasis is starting to change. In the last year, I’ve seen the concentrate industry shift heavily towards focusing on flavor acumen, cleanliness, and purity. High terpene extracts like live resin have become extremely popular. As soon as people started understanding more of the science behind blasting concentrates the rise of the rosin movement began as fears surfaced about residuals blasting chemicals. While initially, the popularity of live resin and rosin came with a high price tag, demand has been driving those costs down over the last few months. It’s genuinely nice to see old players at the game like 710 Labs coming back into the picture with an amazing new product like there Black Mamba Live Rosin. One look and one taste of this concentrate made me a firm believer in 710 Labs’ ability to craft a concentrate loaded with terpenes and processed without butane. It also doesn’t hurt that Black Mamba has a relatively High 10% CBD content. If I were to craft a concentrate that was representative of all the current trends of the extract market, 710 Labs’ Black Mamba Live Rosin would be it.

If you’d like to pick up some 710 Labs Black Mamba Live Rosin for yourself, check out the selection of 710 Labs concentrates at Emerald Fields, a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Glendale and Manitou Springs, Colorado. Emerald Fields is the perfect balance of boutique style cannabis at prices that are affordable for all. Emerald Fields in Glendale is open late as well, until 11:45 PM seven days a week, so you can get your flower after Denver’s closing hour.

Black Mamba Live Rosin :: Appearance | Smell:

I started off the process by opening the packaging from 710 labs. I won’t lie, I was genuinely creeped out by 710 Labs new logo (fingers don’t bend that way). Regardless of my unwarranted finger dislocation fearsBlack Mamba Live Rosin-1 I open the box to reveal a plastic and glass jar emblazoned with the more traditional 710 Labs logo and red THC warning. I wasted no time popping the top to investigate the concentrates within. As soon as I open the lid, I released an insanely unique and extremely potent aroma. The initial smell was delightfully cheesy at a distance and extremely skunky and floral as you brought your nose in closer. As far as the concentrate itself, Black Mamba Live Rosin is dreamy. As I looked down into the jar, I couldn’t help but correlate the live rosin to a pale slab of butter sitting in a jar unsuspecting of its untimely demise on a hunk of toast. I suppose, as a concentrate, its impending doom from being dissected slowly dab by dab is a fate worse than butter. Regardless of my butter analogy, this is some amazing looking rosin and potentially the first live “rosin” I have ever knowingly had. As a live rosin, 710 Labs has not only used an entirely solvent-less extraction process, but they began it with fresh or frozen cannabis plants free of any curing process. This seems like an extremely good idea since the process of crafting rosin can be particularly hard on the natural proteins in the cannabis plant responsible for flavor and smell. Since this Black Mamba Live Rosin was crafted using fresh plant matter there was an abundance of terpenes at the beginning of the process. The end result is not only the most potent rosin I’ve ever smelled but genuinely one of the dankest concentrates I’ve ever experienced.

Black Mamba Live Rosin :: Smoke | Effect:

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from my first smoke of 710 Labs Black Mamba Live Rosin. I’d only assume from earlier the rather odiferous cheesy smells correlated directly to some Chemdawg ancestry. As I’ve found in the past, cheesy smelling cannabis can translate into some of the richest, full-bodied smokes around. Black Mamba Live Rosin-2I equipped my small dab rig and prepared for the Monumental undertaking of getting high. For starters, I was insanely impressed at how smooth and supple the Black Mamba Live Rosin was. As I dug my dab tool in, it simply melted through the concentrate. Lucky for me, the Black Mamba Live Rosin was still pliable enough (though quite flakey) to impale on the end of my dab tool. With torch and infrared thermometer in hand (I’m too old school for an e-nail) I heated my nail up for a nice mid-temperature hit. As soon as I replaced the dome, I guided the little droplets of Black Mamba Live Rosin on to the nail. The initial flavors were exceptionally potent. While I didn’t directly detect any of the cheesy flavors that were so prominent in its odor, I did get the lightest flavor of Chem mixed in with an exceptionally strong sweet taste. A slow exhale did produce a couple of coughs of which I was not surprised considering the insanely high terpenoid content of this concentrate. After fully exhaling, the remaining flavor in my mouth was simply sweet. Remarkably nondescript and soooo sweet. I appreciated the flavors so much I decided to take one more small dab of 710 Labs Black Mamba Live Rosin before sitting back and waiting for effects. The second dab was just as pleasing as the first. I sat back and waited for the high to take full force. I didn’t have to wait long but I will warn you that Black Mamba is a little bit of a creeper (that is to say, the high sneaks up on you). The initial sensations of the high started behind my sinus area and slowly worked its way throughout my extremities. Over the next ten minutesBlack Mamba Live Rosin-3 or so, I fell into an indica-dominant high despite the sativa attributes of the parent strains