Banana OG Rosin : Concentrate Review

Banana OG Rosin : Concentrate Review
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It’s time to put your extraction and concentrate know-how to the test. If you are an experienced dabber or have at least a journeyman’s knowledge of marijuana concentrates, then you probably already know that there’s more than one way to skin a bud. It goes without saying that the reigning champion of concentrate extraction is n-butane. Butane extractions are tested and heavily regulated by the Marijuana Enforcement Division and must be below a certain residual number pertaining to parts-per-million of butane. This still means there is the potential for residual butane in any butane-extracted concentrate (albeit a small amount). Nobody wants to be smoking that. We now live in the 21st century, a day in age where we can’t seem to properly function as a society but we sure as heck have figured out how to make solventless marijuana extracts! If you’ve never heard of rosin before, let me tell you just how amazing this stuff is. In many ways rosin is closer to ice water hash then it is to the standard concentrates you may be used to smoking off the shelf. While ice hash and the resulting rosin can be crafted in several different manners there’s always one key ingredient in the process.Banana OG Rosin-1 That ingredient is pressure. In essence, you craft ice water hash for starters and then use a high-pressure process to force the marijuana into a concentrate. The obvious advantage of this process is that you end up with a solventless chunk of concentrate that’s never been touched before by any harsh chemicals. The downside of rosin crafting is that the high-pressure processes tend to be very harsh on the terpenes and other proteins inside the original plant. Terpenes are the proteins inside all plants responsible for their smell and flavors, which means rosins do have the tendency to be lacking in the flavor department. Just because some rosins fall short in this sector doesn’t mean that there aren’t some extraction companies out there that have cracked the code and are crafting superior rosins devoid of the shortcomings that can so frequently plague this type of concentrate. Concentrate Supply Company with their Banana OG Rosin has changed my tune on the possibilities that this type of concentrate has to offer.

If you want to partake in the luscious layers of Concentrate Supply Company’s Banana OG Rosin you can pick up a batch at The Station in Boulder, Colorado. The Station carries a superior selection of products in a laid-back and discreet environment.

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Banana OG Rosin :: Appearance | Smell:

I’m never sure what to expect when I’m writing a review on rosin. The one thing I always do know is that it will get me high and it will be a clean high at that. After that, all other bets are off. In the past, I’ve had rosins that are nothing more than a glorified brick of THC crystals amalgamated together into a brown hockey puck of high. If that doesn’t sound very appetizing to you that’s because it’s really not. After perusing the concentration levels on the outside of the bag I decided that it was time to see what was inside. I popped the top on my Colorado Supply Company Banana OG Rosin to see if they had cracked the code. As expected, I found a small industry-standard glass jar awaiting me inside Colorado Supply Company’s brown paper packaging. As soon as I removed the small container something caught my eye, a light pale-yellow hue was emitting from inside the jar. This is not what I usually expect from a rosin. I quickly turn the jar over and observed the pale concentrate inside. It looked delectable like a meringue, a meringue of weedy goodness. Banana OG Rosin-3Still flabbergasted by Banana OG Rosin’s smooth clean appearance, I cracked the top open to see if any of the flavors of the original plant had survived the process. I was shocked to detect a refreshing cannabis scent coming from the container. As I went in a little closer the smell evolved into an outstandingly earthy aroma. The initial sweet cannabis aroma worked perfectly with the earthiness. It was definitely a unique odor. As I brought my nose in even closer (I’m talking nose on rosin contact here) there was an almost yeasty beer-like scent. This is not the first time that I had encountered an aroma similar to this in concentrates. In fact, one of my favorite CBD distillates has a similar Belgian-beer-like aroma. This made me even more excited to dive into Colorado Supply Company’s Banana OG Rosin and see if the flavors could hold up to the smells and the appearance (a tall order mind you).

Banana OG Rosin :: Smoke | Effect:

There was another factor in Colorado Supply Company’s Banana OG Rosin this couldn’t be determined through a simple visual inspection, that is its consistency. This is some flakey stuff. As I took my dab tools to the edge of some of the banana OG rosin is crumbled apart like fine pie crust. With a touch of heat on to the tip of my dab tool, I easily picked up a large chunk. That leads me to add an important note for anyone transporting this stuff anywhere. Make sure to keep it cool. I can see this concentrate turning into a puddle in hot temperatures. I started heating up the nail on my small glass rig. Replacing the dome, I was ready to experience what Banana OG Rosin had in store for me. I took my little chunk of buttery, pie-crust-like rosin and set it gently on the nail. The ensuing smoke made its way through the percolation system on my rig and finally to my mouth. The initial flavor represented the earthy aromas perfectly and had an incredibly rich mouthfeel. For such a full-bodied flavor, I expected to have some type of harsh backlash from the smoke. That simply was not the case with Banana OG Rosin. The smoke was impeccably smooth and instilled nary a cough. It seemed like as soon as I had come to a proper understanding of Banana OG Rosin’s earthy notes the flavor flipped around the sweet notes took center stage. This intense sweet finish was a perfect cherry on top for an insanely smokable concentrate. I, as is the case with most concentrates, didn’t have to wait long to feel the full effects. In a matter of minutes, I was feeling a very potent cerebral high. accompanied by indica genetics, Banana OG Rosin didn’t just tickle me with a cerebral high. About 15 minutes post puff I started to feel a body high set in. The end balance and essence came off as being hybrid to me. One thing I’m always concerned about when I smoke concentrates is getting paranoid, that was not the case with this rosin. The balance of indica in the mix made for a mellow well-rounded high, devoid of paranoia.Banana OG Rosin-2 I also was never visited by my old friend the munchies (a common instance when the term “OG” is used in the strain’s name). The smoke, flavors, and very pronounced effects were not only incredible delightful, but the high instilled from Banana OG Rosin was also relatively long-lived. I found myself a full hour later still feeling some of the indica-leaning effects.


Banana OG Rosin is simply the best! With full character flavor, remarkably smooth smoke, delightfully intoxicating effects, clean solventless production, and some damn nice aesthetics to boot this is one that will go down in my record books. I also found it particularly noteworthy that Banana OG Rosin never gave me the munchies and it didn’t have me crashing on my couch (as I mentioned before those are a frequent occurrence with “OG” titled strains). If you forced me to pick out one gripe about this concentrate, the only thing I can think of is how difficult it is to get onto the end of a dabbing tool. For anyone who’s experienced with dabbing it should be no problem but if you’re completely new to marijuana concentrates getting your dabbing tool to the right temperature to pick up the rosin without turning it into a puddle of goo could prove problematic. Don’t let that stop you though. If you’re new to concentrates and this Banana OG Rosin is just too alluring to pass up, skip dabbing tools and grab yourself a nectar collector (I won’t tell anyone if you enjoy it right out of the jar). It’s time to upgrade your concentrate shelf with some solventless rosin. I have no doubt that if you pick up some of this from Concentrate Supply Company, it’s going to become one of your favorites in no time at all. Enjoy the uncanny smooth smoke, the rich earthy flavors, the tantalizing effect, and the knowledge that you’re smoking a cannabis concentrate untouched by chemicals.#JessetheGrove



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