Voda Rosin : Concentrate Review

Voda Rosin : Concentrate Review
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It has always tickled me that so many of the most health-conscious Voda Rosin-1minded individuals have found themselves in the Cannabis industry smoking copious amounts of questionably extracted concentrates. I feel like the same people that touted to me the health benefits of coconut oil (I forget if it’s healthy or not this week) we’re the same ones buying dark brown colored discount wax from the local dispensary. The truth of the matter is that while the MED does regulate particulates inside extractions and concentrates there is absolutely no research out there on what an acceptable level should be. To be completely honest, I’m not even sure how the baseline for allowed particulates of components such as propane and butane were set by the MED. I can only assume it was determined mathematically at a table assuming an average user’s consumption of concentrates in a day juxtaposed against the typical concentration of residual extraction components. This end number requiring below a maximum level of residuals is, in many ways, an entirely arbitrary consensus. I honestly think no one was ready for the massive volume of concentrates people consume. Traditionally, I’m a flower man; however, the industry’s current leanings have had me dabbling with concentrates for the better part of half a decade now. Having reviewed some less-than-desirable products in the past, I can’t help but wonder how many gnarly residual components I’ve consumed over the last few years. Call it an awakening (or for many a re-awakening) but over the last year, a greater deal of focus has been placed in clean cannabis concentrates. Some brand-new extraction companies like Voda Concentrates have been catching on to this. Voda is a brand-new extraction company to the scenes in Colorado. Unlike other extraction companies, they specialize in rosin that is produced through a unique double cold pressed process that forms concentrates that are shatter or wax-like in their consistency but share the same residuals as your average ice-water hash. This process, attained through pressure, creates some of the cleanest concentrates around. I recently had the fortune of sampling one of Voda’s new rosins. Despite being one of the new kids on the block, Voda has done an exemplary job producing high-quality rosin while still managing to keep the terpenoid content of the original flower intact. If you’ve been looking for a well-rounded and clean concentrates high, allow me to put Voda Concentrates on your radar.

I picked up my sample of Voda Rosin from The Station a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary located in Boulder and Basalt Colorado. The Station Specializes in custom-tailored care whether you’re a medicinal patient or a recreational user. For the last few weeks, The Station in Boulder has been temporarily shut down but will be opening again soon. Check back here to see when The Station Boulder is open again. Until then, The Station in Basalt is open and ready to accommodate medicinal and recreational users.

Check out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.com

Voda Rosin :: Appearance | Smell:

When I say that Voda is a new extraction company, I mean it. When I received my jar of Voda Rosin they didn’t even have a logo on it yet. For starters, this gave me a little bit of an old-school of thrill. after all, cannabis products never used to have logos. While this may have been less than conducive for a photoshoot session, it in no way hampered my evaluation of the gorgeous, golden rosin that I found inside the jar. As soon as I opened the lid on the Voda Rosin I detected sweet floral aromas wafting out. Gazing down into the little jar, I could see that the rosin’s aesthetics were entirely in tune with its luscious aromas. This is, hands down, the most beautiful rosin I have ever seen (and as mentioned before I’ve seen some rosin). The crystally, yellow surface of every slab looked golden all the way through. Voda Rosin-2While primarily opaque in nature, the high-pressure process applied to the concentrate was done so in a manner that every single chunk still allows light to go through it revealing amber delicious cores with practically no bubbles and a consistently smooth texture. Coating the bottom of the jar was a small layer of terpenes and residual oils that had settled post-packaging. It all made for a very pretty picture. Voda Rosin is undeniably pleasing to the nose and to the eyes but how would this solventless concentrate treat the lungs?

Voda Rosin :: Smoke | Effect:

Rosins do forgo the process of butane or propane blasting but this does not eliminate the potential for organic contamination. Since there is a higher chance of getting more of the original plant matter in a rosin extraction then through traditional blasting, this can increase the likelihood of a harsher smoke in the end. This is due entirely to the natural plant proteins that are typically broken down or synthetically removed during other forms of extraction. Also, it is noteworthy that rosins tend to be harsher on the natural terpenes found inside the cannabis plant since it undergoes such a high-pressure process. Utilizing a clean water-filtered nectar collector, a torch, and an infrared heat thermometer I prepared my nail for a mid-temperature hit. I took a dive and was immediately treated to a smooth and surprisingly limey first hit of Voda Rosin. For someone who’s not overly familiar with water-filtered nectar collectors, I wasn’t entirely sure if the smoothness was more the extract or the water-filtration. I had my much more experienced dabbing friend give me a second opinion. After a long smooth exhale all he could muster was a huge smile. I’m not crazy. It is that smooth. As I let the flavors settle on my tongue more, I realized how different they were from the smells I had initially detected. None of the floral attributes made it through into the flavor but instead, there was a surplus of buttery, lime taste that took center stage during the smoking process. If potency was ever in question, I’ll rest assured, it shouldn’t be. Within several minutes my friend and I were both exceptionally loopy and ready to make board game night a challenge for our sober friends. Despite occasionally missing the queue for our turn during gameplay, the high from Voda rosin was incredibly clear-headed and at least for my part, I felt like I did an exemplary job playing relatively complex board games while under the influence of a quite potent hybrid high. Voda Rosin-3Voda Rosin has some staying power as well. While my dabbing fiend of a friend had to go in for a second round (and