4/20 2018 Shotgun’s Circus

4/20 2018 Shotgun’s Circus
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It’s 420 season again my friends! As one of the first states to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, I don’t have to exaggerate when I say, “the party starts here!” Over the last decade, the parties have become more and more epic. While there was always something satisfying in partaking in a public display back before legalized recreational use, it’s also exceedingly refreshing to partake in such festivities backed by Colorado state law. 420 for me is always a signal that spring is just around the corner. As the first few drops of rain start to hit Colorado and the first dandelions start invading my yard my concern turns to an entirely different type of weed, which I can assure you is blooming in abundance at Smoking Gun apothecary in Glendale, Colorado. Smoking Gun is no stranger to 420 celebrations and this year they’re pulling out all the stops and throwing a block party to go down in the record books. At this year’s “Shotgun’s Circus” you can expect to find tons of free swag, amazing food, cold refreshing alcoholic beverages, games, art demos, a DJ, and live music later in the evening. This year the festivities start at noon on 420 rain or shine.

Shotgun’s CircusShotgun's Circus 420 deals

Even after the vendors have left, the party will be kicking at T-Bar next door to Smoking Gun in Shotgun Willies. Live music starts at 8 p.m. with the Windermeres. Before the party moves next door to the T-bar you can expect a whole bunch of savings at Smoking Gun. The sale inside the dispensary is huge, including a plethora of items marked down for this most sacred of smoker holidays. If you need to take a load off between games and prizes, you can sit down for a fruity concoction or a beer from T-Bar. You will also be able to carry your alcoholic beverages throughout the entire fenced portion around Shotgun Willie’s and T-Bar. This opens the potential to enjoy a cold beer all while you’re grabbing free loot and prizes!

The Show-Stoppers

This year’s prizes, vendors, games, and entertainment are being provided by a smattering of industry-related companies and friends of the industry including an appearance from Binske with their amazing infused honey, Americanna with their sumptuously delicious gummies, Stillwater with their infused teas, 1906 with specially formulated chocolates, and Arcanum providing topical solutions for the athlete in all of us. Also keep an eye out for great giveaways for Mary’s Medicinals, Cannasaver, Dixie, Cherry, Love’s Oven, District 8, and Willie’s Reserve. Dope Directory will also be on the scene handing out free prizes. In the drinks department, you can look forward to refreshing treats from Jim Beam Red Bull who have both joined forces to make this year’s Shotgun’s Circus, the best 420 bashes in town. This year’s event will be one for the record books. Every year that Smoking Gun holds this famous outdoor 420 block party the event gets a little bit bigger a little more exciting.43 Flavors Smokin Gun-4 With a DJ during the day and live music during the evening sprinkled with a fruity T-bar concoction this year’s celebration will be of epic proportions. You can also expect some of Colorado’s finest artisans crafting amazing hand-blown glass creations. Made not only to provide entertainment to watch but also amazing souvenirs to bring home from your 420 2018 celebration!

Every year 420 is the perfect way to usher in Spring, and this 2018 season is no different. Gather your friends and family (the ones that like marijuana at least and are 21 plus) for some Colorado-style fun. 420 may only be one day a year, but the deals at Smokin Gun last all weekend long. These deals will include discounts on some of your favorite marijuana products. Just remember the fun all starts at noon and goes well into the evening. If you haven’t already cemented your 420 plans for this year, then Smoking Gun’s Shotgun’s Circus is the perfect event to look forward to. We’ve certainly come a long way from feeling like smoking roustabouts going from park to park looking for some safe harbor. Now we can enjoy free prizes, entertainment, and a plethora of drink and food options, all while savoring that little plant that’s full of so much fun and healing potential.#JessetheGrove

Shotgun's Circus
Smokin Gun Apothecary, 492 South Colorado Blvd,Glendale,Colorado-80246
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April 20, 2018
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April 20, 2018
This year, Smokin Gun is holding a giant block party for 420! This year’s Shotgun’s Circus includes live art, live music, and drinks and food from T-bar and Shotgun Willie’s
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