Smokin Gun 420 Deals and 420 Block Party

Smokin Gun 420 Deals and 420 Block Party
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Regardless of how efficiently I celebrate 420, I always end up experiencing something unique that entirely negates that penchant marijuana has for wiping your memory. It was 420 on my senior year of college and, lucky for us, several of my friends and I only had one class that we needed to attend and said attendance was simply to watch another group give an hour long speech on some random acumen of theater history. Knowing we had a fairly slack day ahead, we all started off downtown Greeley in my friend’s apartment above a couple bars overlooking downtown. After several healthy bong rips, the idea hit us to swing by our local taco joint and pick up some morning tacos and some seasoned tater tots (you know the taco place I’m talking about). This proved to be the perfect decision. We sat through the entire presentation at the back of the classroom slowly downing hot-sauce-laden tacos and sipping on soda while half the class looked at us with smiles and several classmates with disdain. Our teacher was a champ though, knowing full well that on 420 the better half of any college’s performing and visual arts department is going to be stoned. Looking back now, its’ rather amazing to think of how accepted marijuana was on my campus. I mean it was no CU Boulder where I heard my friends tell tales of marijuana everywhere, but it was a sign that if any state was ready for legal marijuana, it was Colorado. Well it’s here now and we’re coming full circle for another year of 420 celebrations and local dispensaries like Smokin Gun Apothecary are rolling out all the stops to make this 420 one you’ll never forget.

Smokin Gun 420 Deals:

Are you a Colorado resident? Because if you are, you should have been shopping at Smokin Gun Apothecary for a long time now. While other dispensaries plan and plot deals and specific price offerings, Smokin Gun is offering every Colorado Resident 30% off their purchases. 30% off is huge! In essence, Smokin Gun is paying for all of your tax and throwing in a healthy discount on top of that. What makes this deal even more insane is that it’s not just for 420. If you’ve got a valid Colorado ID then you can expect to save 30% off your purchase every single time you visit Smokin Gun. Not only is this deal amazing, but when you can get it at a location that carries as many options as Smokin Gun, it’s a real bargain. Smokin Gun also has a reward program as well that is a must have if you’re a frequent smoker. Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass is a no contract monthly subscription with Smokin Gun that will score you $19.99 eighths every day, $25 grams of wax or shatter, unlimited $6 joints, ounces for only $149.99, a welcome gift pack, special event access, and more! If you’re a local and consume a lot of marijuana, then the Smokin Gun Prohibition Pass is the best way for you to save a small fortune this 420 when it comes time to stock up. Smokin Gun Apothecary is also open late seven days a week, so even if you’re in a last-minute rush to procure some bud you can expect Smokin Gun to be open until midnight every day of the week.

Smokin Gun 420 Block Party:

Smokin Gun is not only throwing down the deals this 420 but they are also throwing down one hell of a bash. Smokin Gun 420 Banner (2) square
From 1pm-8pm Smokin Gun is lighting the block up with additional sales, prize drawings, giveaways, live music, BBQ foods, glass blowing, and face painting. The festivities are all hosted by Shotgun Willie’s and T-Bar along with complimentary drafts provided by Dive Bar. This is a culmination of a lot of companies coming together to make this bash happen, and all the big players have played their role including Pax, Love’s Oven, EvoLab, Canyon Cultivation, Incredibles, Cheeba Hut, Lit, Americanna, Garden, Keef Cola, Concentrated Love, Soda Jerk, Tumbleweed, and RM Vapes and Dabs. If you’re swinging by during Smokin Gun’s 420 block party you can expect that you’ll not only be leaving with some killer cannabis but also loaded down with free giveaways of all the best schwag.

If you are planning on visiting Smokin Gun this 420 to experience some of their amazing deals and events, make sure to come with a healthy appetite for partying. With fun, food, buds, and booze (and strippers next door!) how can it not be a good day to visit Smokin Gun Apothecary? So whether you’ve got a monotonous class session to sit through, a long day of work, or if you’re off for the day to party, swing by Smokin Gun for some fun, festivities, and fabulous deals this 420!

Smokin Gun 420 Deals and 420 Block Party
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Smokin Gun 420 Deals and 420 Block Party
It’s time for another year of 420 celebrations and local dispensaries like Smokin Gun Apothecary are rolling out all the stops to make this 420 one you’ll never forget.
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