Smokin Gun Happy Daze $99 Ounces

Smokin Gun Happy Daze $99 Ounces
Smokin Gun Dispensary

I used to be a bowl hog. While I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is a much trendier terminology for that, I’ll simply leave it at I used to be a bowl hog. If you’re still not entirely sure what I’m talking about, I’ll spell it out a little more clearly without any colloquial sayings. Happy Daze 1In the past, I frequently utilize my superior lung capacity to take an unfair portion of most of the bowls that I was offered. I guess it seemed like a completely frugal choice back in the day when I was completely broke, and cannabis was hard to come by. That doesn’t mean it was an ethical choice. As my smoking skills grew I got better and better at taking a corner of the bowl with my hit without burning the entire greens (taking all the greens was a tradition that my friends and I upheld for many years). Just like the marijuana industry has grown we all grew as well and now my friends and I are all very well versed in cannabis etiquette. No more bowl hogging for me. I frequently ponder, if I had gone through my college days with cannabis being legal, whether our bowl hogging tendencies would have ever spawned in the first place. We were coming from a day when an ounce of cannabis would ring up a pretty penny, which was especially problematic for ramen-munching college students. I cannot help but think that if deals like Smokin Gun’s $99* ounce existed back in my ganja glory days that the pretense for consuming an entire Bowl in one hit would have been much flimsier (conversely maybe it would have been less of a big deal since cannabis would have been so much cheaper). Without delving too deep into the philosophical ramifications of my past inequitable bowl consumption I can still stand in awe of a finely cultivated cannabis ounce for only $100. If your heart as well pangs from the absence of affordable top-shelf cannabis, then this summer is the perfect time to stock up from Smoking Gun Apothecary a recreational dispensary located in Glendale, Colorado.

Smokin Gun is a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Glendale Colorado. This summer for Smokin Gun’s Happy Daze celebration you can look forward to picking up $99* ounces pre-tax. If you’re a Smokin Gun Prohibition Pass Member you can snag entire ounces of high-quality cannabis for only $89 pre-tax.

Happy Daze $99 Ounce :: $89 Ounce:

Now that you know that $99* ounces have become a reality in Colorado let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how one would take advantage of such a great deal from Smoking Gun. For starters, the Happy Daze $99*-ounce specials at Smoking Gun are only available Sunday through Wednesday. While the ounce special may be limited to only some of the days of the week the deal is available all hours of operation during those days.43-flavors-smokin-gun-2 That means if you make it into Smoking Gun sometime Sunday through Wednesday between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight you’re going to be able to get yourself a $99* ounce. If you somehow manage to smoke an entire ounce sometime between Thursday and Saturday, I’ll start by saying, I’m impressed and finish by saying you’ll have to wait until Sunday to pick another Smokin Gun ounce. Another exciting factor of this deal is that all the ounces available through this deal are strain specific. Just a few of the streams that you can look forward to picking up during the Smoking Gun’s Happy Daze summer special includes Grapefruit Durbin, Hell’s OG, Cherry Diesel, and Princess Leia. With deals on ounces this low you can bet a lot of this bud is going to be moving mighty fast, so it can’t hurt to call ahead of time and see which strain is on special that day. What if you already are a Smoking Gun Prohibition Pass member, and already are saving bundles on your cannabis? Don’t worry, the Happy Daze Smoking Gun Summer Special has a little extra bonus for you. All prohibition pass members will be able to come in Sunday through Wednesday and pick up an ounce for only $89 pre-tax of the same select strains available to the public. It’s a great additional saving on top of all the other savings you can expect from being a Prohibition Pass member. Go check that calendar double time, if it’s a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday you best make your way down to Smoking Gun to take advantage of $99* ounces before the Happy Daze Special has dried up for the summer

For me, there is simply no un-smoking all those unfair bowls that I enjoyed in the past with friends. Besides the sheer physical impossibility, the very concept of un-smoking something sounds insanely unpleasant. I’m sure I wouldn’t have felt nearly as guilty if cannabis wasn’t so expensive back then. As for making amends, deals like Smokin Guns $99* ounce are the perfect opportunity for me to spread around a little bit of the green love that I so selfishly hoarded in my youth. If you have in the past been guilty of the grievance of bowl hogging, then it might be your time to make your peace and smoke up some of your friends. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of Bowl hoggery, in which case you deserve an entire ounce from Smoking Gun all to yourself. Now the decision is in your hands. To share or not to share that is the question. Regardless of what your personal answer is, rest assured that we have entered the renaissance of cannabis and even if you must deal with a moocher every now and then, it’s never going to cost as much as it used to, thanks to dispensaries like Smokin Gun Apothecary.
*All Pricing Is Pre-Tax

Smokin Gun Happy Daze $99 Ounces
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Smokin Gun Happy Daze $99 Ounces
Smokin Gun is keeping the summer deals hot with $99 pre-tax ounces available Sunday through Wednesday and $89 pre-tax ounces for their special Prohibition Pass Members.
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