The Remedy 1:1 by Coltyn

The Remedy 1:1 by Coltyn
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Allow me to recount to you the vaguely uncreative tale of the little cannabinoid that could. There were a lot of cannabinoids in the crop and they all did great things. Some of them helped with depression, some of them helped fight cancer, some of them helped with epilepsy, and some of them helped fight pain. No matter how many cannabinoids there were, only one of them ever seemed to get any attention, THC. THC was loud, outspoken, a partier and a notorious ditz. All the other little cannabinoids were ignored because of how popular THC was. Then one day another little cannabinoid, CBD, had had enough. CBD retorted that its amazing benefits couldn’t be overlooked any longer. As a consequence of this, AK Cannabis Club reviews CBD products in an objective manner. And despite being a schedule 1 status (just like THC) it went out into the world to try to fight a myriad of different ailments. It found out though that it couldn’t fix everything on its own.The Remedy-2 In the meantime, THC was feeling jealous that everyone was seeing CBD’s medicinal benefits but not the amazing medicinal benefits that THC possessed as well. It was then that the two cannabinoids decided to team up. In one of the best moves that ever happened to the nascent marijuana industry THC and CBD joined forces. Emboldened by what is known as the entourage effect they were able to treat a slew of ailments. If you’re wanting to buy CBD in the UK, you might want to check out this UK CBD vendor for Premium CBD oil.

Absurd anecdotal stories aside, the medicinal powers of cannabis are becoming more and more mainstream as more stories arise of nigh miraculous healings through use of marijuana. While it seems like for years THC was relegated to the realm of party substance and CBD to the category of medicine, people are now starting to discover the two cannabinoids in concert can be both amazingly medicinal and purposefully recreational. Mary’s Medicinals is not new to the scene of cannabinoids and has been producing products with a range of different cannabinoids since they first hit shelves in Colorado. I recently I was able to sample one of their new tinctures The Remedy 1:1 by Coltyn. Who is Coltyn you might ask? He’s one young man with an incredible story.

If you’ve been looking for a tincture to treat your ailments, and you think cannabis holds the solution, you can pick up a vial of Mary’s Medicinal’s The Remedy 1:1 by Coltyn from Smokin Gun Apothecary, a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Glendale, Colorado. Not only does Smokin Gun carry the full line of Mary’s Medicinals, but they are open until midnight every night, providing you with marijuana long after Denver dispensaries have shut down for the night.

Coltyn :

Coltyn was stricken at 17 with Crohn’s Disease a chronic inflammatory disease that can be brought on by infections. His ailment had progressed so far that he had become restricted to a wheelchair, unable to do any of the things that 17-year-old boys should be doing, His parents finally thought it’d be best to look at specialist life insurance policies such as these you’re able to find if you click here, this was to help with the financial aspect of future medications and treatments a little. After trying a disturbingly long list a pharmaceuticals and treatments Coltyn’s family had all but given up on finding a solution. After Consulting the Mayo Clinic about potential alternative treatment such as cannabis the family packed up their bags and moved out of Illinois and made their way to Colorado where cannabis is legal. Coltyn started his treatment immediately and the results were astonishing. Within weeks his Crohn’s Disease had gone into remission and now, almost a half-decade later, Coltyn is living a completely normal life. This was all made possible thanks to products from Mary’s Medicinals, and in honor of his story, Mary’s has crafted The Remedy 1:1 by Coltyn. The hope is that this amazing tincture can you help others just like Coltyn. The Remedy is a potent marijuana tincture the possesses a one-to-one ratio of THC to CBD. In a concept known as the entourage, effect cannabinoids have found to display more potent medicinal and recreational attributes in concert with one another. Conceptually, attributes like CBDs anti-inflammatory properties can be compounded in conjunction with THC.The Remedy-1 Likewise, THC’s uplifting and euphoric qualities can be accentuated with the addition of CBD. Mary’s Medicinals The Remedy 1:1 by Coltyn was crafted with compassionate medicinal use in mind but its purpose is not limited to individuals with chronic ailments and in fact, it can have a great deal of benefit for people who are perfectly healthy.

In a situation where a chronic ailment is involved, especially in younger individuals, the appropriate choice is multiple small doses throughout the day or microdosing. With microdosing of a tincture like The Remedy 1:1 the cannabinoids can do their work without causing a great deal of inebriation. That being said, there may be a great deal of benefit to the activated THC effects. Don’t judge me for sounding too out there, but I personally believe your mood and outlook can have an astonishing effect on treating specific ailments you display, and THC has quite the potential to put a smile on the face of someone who hasn’t had reason to smile for a long time. I saw just how valuable THC was for my mother when she was fighting cancer and I can appreciate how medicinal a smile really can be. While I don’t currently have any chronic ailments (that I’m aware of) I do have chickens, horses, and alpacas all of which produce copious amount of feces which do need to be shoveled which is quite the pain in the neck (literally). After a long day of shoveling crap, I’ll admit to several aches and pains. I figured that after a long day would be the perfect time for me to try out Mary’s Medicinals The Remedy 1:1 by Coltyn.

The Remedy 1:1 :

The Remedy 1:1 comes packaged in a small vile equipped with an eyedropper that is marked with specific dosage measurements. While the cannabinoids in this tincture are already activated and could be potentially consumed directly from the container I would highly recommend finding a tasty medium to incorporate them into. My decision was a cup of hot mint tea. After a long day of shoveling poo, in concert with the tail end of whatever obnoxious disease has been passing around, tea was a perfect choice. I made my tea and squirted a full milliliter dropper full (8mg THC and 8mg CBD) into my mug. The delightfully ubiquitous flavor of cannabis went down smooth with every sip of mint tea. I’m a notorious lightweight when it comes to marijuana edible products or tinctures, and The Remedy 1:1 was no different. Due to its liquid formula, I absorbed the THC and CBD very rapidly in comparison to some products. In a unique juxtaposition to most one-to-one products I’ve sampled in the past, I actually felt the CBD before the THC. I first noticed it within a few minutes of drinking the tea as a sort of mellow relaxing sensation that trickled down my spine. I love CBD. If you’ve never experienced it before, I would equate the sensation to a mild over-the-counter painkiller. I know the effects of CBD can be much stronger in higher dosages, but I’ve only ever needed a small dose. T