Nectar Bee Topical Selection

Something truly unique occurred when cannabis was legalized here in Colorado. Thousands of people who would normally never want anything to do with cannabis started to learn about the medicinal benefits cannabis can have without even smoking it. I first observed this in my daily life. Half of my girlfriend’s family has spent the better […]

The Green Solution CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD), it’s the cannabinoid that’s been causing quite the stir over the last couple months. Forbes has predicted that CBD products are going to form part of the next million dollar market that companies want to get involved in! This why many companies like The Green Solution and CTFOCBDOnline have started appearing all over […]

Treating PTSD with Marijuana

Chances are, you’ve heard about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or perhaps know someone who is affected on a daily basis by it. PTSD is a sometimes debilitating disorder that effects people who have either witnessed or experienced a disturbing event. Often PTSD is only diagnosed in soldiers coming home from battle, but in truth […]

What is CBD?

The medical marijuana industry is moving, and boy oh boy, is it moving fast. I was reading an article online recently about how the National Institute for Drug Abuse revised a page on its website to say that whole-plant cannabis extracts can slow the growth of “one of the most serious types of brain tumors.” […]