BotanaCare is now B•GOOD North

To say that it’s difficult to run a dispensary would be one of the largest understatements I’ve ever written. Beyond the constant need for compliance, there is the continual risk that your dispensary will be vanquished by the competition, or shut down by one of numerous nigh-draconian laws established in each respective city. When a […]

Frisco OG : Strain Review

It’s sure taken a lot of breeding to get where we are today – let me rephrase that – It’s taken a lot of breeding to get our marijuana plants to where they are today. It’s rather difficult to wrap your mind around just how long some of the strains we enjoy today have been […]

Lemon Alien Dawg: Strain Review

We’ve all heard someone say, “Man this weed is out of this world!” Who’s to deny it? With many of the amazing medicinal properties found in cannabis, it’s sometimes hard to believe that marijuana is terrestrial. Why not up the ante with a batch of cannabis that’s not only out of this world in flavor […]

What is CBD?

The medical marijuana industry is moving, and boy oh boy, is it moving fast. I was reading an article online recently about how the National Institute for Drug Abuse revised a page on its website to say that whole-plant cannabis extracts can slow the growth of “one of the most serious types of brain tumors.” […]