Alien OG : Strain Review

I’ll never forget the colorful encounters back in the day before the legalization of cannabis. The days before I could acquire strains like Alien OG imported from across the country. If you ever had the – joy? – of purchasing marijuana pre-legalization from a dealer I’m sure you got to experience some of the inevitable […]

Frisco OG : Strain Review

It’s sure taken a lot of breeding to get where we are today – let me rephrase that – It’s taken a lot of breeding to get our marijuana plants to where they are today. It’s rather difficult to wrap your mind around just how long some of the strains we enjoy today have been […]

Durban Poison : Strain Review

Everyone loves a classic, especially if that classic is organically cultivated and grown with an abundance of tender loving care. If you’ve ever experienced the Durban Poison strain before, then I’m sure you know that when you get this close to pure sativa, you’re going to have a good time. Durban Poison, Colorado style, is […]