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I’ve never been someone who sits idly by when there is a task that needs to be Green Genetics-1accomplished. Chances are nine times out of ten, it there is some way I can do something on my own I’ll do it. Whether that’s simply filing my taxes, growing my own food, or even remodeling my house, you bet if I can find a way, I’ll do it on my own. This was the same mindset I had when I tried to cultivate my very first cannabis plant. At the time, I was growing said plant incognito in my parent’s basement. With a little stoner ingenuity, along with the help of a couple friends, I converted a filing cabinet into a rather clever grow box that included everything from a top mounted grow light in the cabinet to a rather crafty computer fan ventilation system in the back. Starting with little more than two seeds liberated from a recent batch of schwag, we started our cannabis growing adventure with no knowledge of what we were doing. As the days turned into weeks, two plants sprouted and while one didn’t make it, one persevered the harsh conditions and kept on growing. The survivor just so happened to be female and the sad, leggy gal spent the next month or so producing some modest, but still present, buds. It was a long and time-consuming venture that only yielded a couple bowls worth of mediocre cannabis in the end, but I certainly loved the process. Times have changed and now we live in a day and age where dispensaries like The Green Solution® are selling the plant matter to get you growing on your own. With seeds, clones, and even pollen for sale from Green Genetics at The Green Solution®, there has never been a better time to try to grow your own little cannabis crop.

If you want to start a little green growing of your own, you can pick up clones, seeds, and pollen from multiple Green Solution locations across the state. If you do a little planning ahead of time only you can even check on The Green Solution’s® website to see which clones, pollen, and seeds are available at their different locations


Having gone through the process of seeding my own plants in the past, Green Genetics-3I wasn’t about to start from scratch again (there goes my statement from earlier where I said I like to do things on my own). While feminized seeds are available at The Green Solution®, I wanted to limit the potential of getting a hermaphrodite plant and alleviate the stress of not knowing the gender for certain. My solution was picking up one of The Green Solution’s® clones from their Green Genetics. One thing that makes the genetic clones at The Green Solution® unique is the availability of strains that aren’t normally on their shelf for sale. This includes slow growing strains and unique genetics that aren’t available for retail due to lower yields, special care needs, and complex cross-genetics. In other words, some of the most elite cannabis strains make it into clones at The Green Solution®. This unique selection is in no way limited to Green Genetics clones but is represented by a diverse selection of seeds and pollen as well. While I didn’t opt to go the seed route, I speak from personal experience that watching a little weed plant sprout from seed is a very exciting process.

If you’re new to the world of growing like I am, I would recommend starting out with a clone, like my precious little baby Sour Diesel x OG Grape Krypt. Sour Diesel x OG Grape Krypt is a hybrid plant that brings together the best attributes of both sativa and indica. If you’re feeling truly ambitious The Green Solutions’® selection of pollen has never made it easier to choose your own cannabis adventure. Pollinating your own plants to form an entirely new genetic is possibly one of the most exciting opportunities for any home grower. After all, who doesn’t want to create their own namesake strain or genetic unique to their grow? Green Genetics-4Even if you’re not pollinating your own plant and are growing straight from a seed or a clone with established genetics, rest assured that your strain will still be unique. Rest assured the growing process will make your plant unique from other plants, even if they share the same parentage. Everything from growing medium and humidity, to lighting conditions and airflow will affect how your plant grows and the end result of your harvest. In other words, you can take two clones, grow them in different mediums and when it comes time to harvest them, they may display drastically different testing results. It really is the choose your own adventure of the cannabis world. When it comes to my little Sour Diesel x OG Grape Krypt she’ll be growing all naturally, in soil, with some classically delicious poop-based fertilizers and organic nutrients. Unlike the poor little plant from my first-time grow, Sour Diesel x OG Grape Krypt will get to grow tall and proud out in the open, and not live its entire life confined to a filing cabinet.

If you’re thinking about jumping into the world of growing your own cannabis, then I’d suggest getting started with a professional product gratis Green Genetics® at The Green Solution®. Not only are you buying from pros who know how to grow, but you’re purchasing some rare and exciting genetics that you otherwise may never be able to find elsewhere. With the almost unlimited mix-and-match combinations from The Green Solution’s® seeds, clones, and pollen, the only limit, in this case, is your imagination and the green hue of your opposable digit.#JessetheGrove