Nectar Bee Topical Selection

Nectar Bee Topical Selection
Nectar Bee The Green Solution

Something truly unique occurred when cannabis was legalized here in Colorado. Thousands of people who would normally never want anything to do with cannabis started to learn about the medicinal benefits cannabis can have without even smoking it. I first observed this in my daily life. Half of my girlfriend’s family has spent the better part of the last decade telling me how bad cannabis was. Their tune changed very quickly when they started to learn about cannabis topicals, and their ability to relieve pain without inducing a dreaded “marijuana high.” I’ve heard of people using topical applications of cannabis for more than just pain relief as well. I’ve heard of this incredibly versatile form of cannabis being used to help treat symptoms in everything from skin cancer and muscle spasms to neuropathy and bruises. The only problem with cannabis topicals purchased recreationally is that they tend to be on the expensive side, with most salves, lotions, and balms running in the $40-$60 range. Nectar Bee™, the edible, concentrate, and topical production company for The Green Solution®, is seeking to change all of that with three lines of topical cannabis products. Manufacturing their topical cannabis products in-house has allowed Nectar Bee™ to slash its prices while still providing the same levels of THC and CBD as other leading brands like CBD Nutra. If you’re ready to look into cannabis applied topically, then there is a good chance Nectar Bee™ has got the right lotion, balm, salve or rub for you. With three unique lines: Soothe, Rejuve, and Heal and over a dozen different products to choose from you can finally pick a product that’s just right for you. If you are wondering where to buy cbd oil there are plenty of online retailers you can purchase this wonder product! This includes companies like CBD Queen, who provide a spectrum of CBD oil that is available to purchase online.

Soothe Line

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Soothe Moisturizing Lotion

Perhaps the most comply known form of cannabis topical is the lotion. Nectar Bee™ Soothe Moisturizing Lotions provide a unique blend of botanical oils and essences combined with a mix of 5:1 THC:CBD. This blend of oils is specifically formulated to work in concert with the cannabis components of the lotion to sooth and calm the user and, of course, make their skin silky smooth.

Soothe Sugar Scrub

Just like the lotion in the Soothe Line, the Nectar Bee™ Sugar Scrub provides a 5:1 THC:CBD combination. This, in concert with their proprietary blend of essential oils, creates an exfoliating scrub that is sure to have your skin baby soft, and your worries of the day melting away.

Soothe Deep Tissue Massage oil

If you’ve got some extra tight muscles after a hard day of work, then Nectar Bee’s™ Deep Tissue Massage Oil is exactly what you’re in the market for. Like the rest of the Soothe Line, this oil also has a 5:1 THC:CBD ratio. In oil form, however, Nectar Bee’s™ Deep Tissue Massage Oil is easily absorbed by the skin and can sink in deep to help assuage any aches and pains at the source.

Soothe Bath Fizzy

Who doesn’t like a good bubble bath at the end of a long day? With Nectar Bee™’s Bath Fizzy you can lather up some nice suds and know they’re not only packed with powerful aromatherapy oils but also with a balanced portion of 5:1 THC:CBD.

Rejuve Line

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Rejuve Moisturizing Lotion

Like it’s soothing compatriot from the Nectar Bee™ Soothe Line, this Rejuve Moisturizing Lotion highlights a 5:1 THC:CBD ratio. The unique catch is the blend of aromatics used in the Rejuve Line. This includes components like clove and juniper berry, to stimulate and invigorate.

Rejuve Sugar Scrub

Like the Soothe Sugar Scrub, exfoliation is the name of the game. While exfoliating may be the main purpose of a sugar scrub the additional essential oils in this scrub are formulated to invigorate. If you want to start your day off right, then a hearty scrubbing of Rejuve Sugar Scrub should be on your agenda.

Rejuve Deep Tissue Massage Oil

Not only does massage oil absorb like a champ, but it’s also the perfect medium to carry THC and CBD right to the muscles that need them. This oil also has a 5:1 THC:CBD ratio, and possesses the same unique blend of oils that gives Nectar Bee’s™ Rejuve Line its uniquely invigorating yet relaxing combination.

Rejuve bath Fizzy

If the Soothe Bath Fizzy has become an evening tradition, then it might be time to consider the Nectar Bee™ Rejuve Bath Fizzy as a morning tradition. With a 5:1 THC:CBD ratio and invigorating odors like orange and rosemary, Rejuve Bath Fizzy is the perfect way to rejuvenate your day.

Heal Line

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Heal Muscle Balm

This is possibly my favorite product from the entire lineup of Nectar Bee™ Topicals. Loaded with a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, Nectar Bee™ Muscle Balm is made to treat pain and help the healing process through the power of CBD. not only does this balm utilize cannabis but also uses other natural effects from cyan pepper and menthol crystals to create a warming and cooling sensation.

Heal Menthol Salve

A potent kick of menthol helps this 5:1 THC:CBD salve work double time to sooth sore and aching muscles. It’s not only crafted to help alleviate muscle pain, but also keep your skin, healthy while you use it.

Heal Nerve Salve

This very special and very needed Nectar Bee™ nerve salve is specially formulated using components like St John’s Wort, in concert with THC and CBD with the intention of fighting pain stemming from headaches and nervous the system. Along with a blend of unique botanicals, if you have frequent migraines, this little salve might become your new best friend.

Heal Lip Balm

With a hint of lavender and lemon mixed in with a 5:1 THC:CBD ratio, Nectar Bee™ Lip Balm is the perfect way to help sooth your chapped lips. Not only does its combination of oils provide a delicious zing, its natural oils and cannabis contents can help get those cracked lips under control.

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Other Topicals

Citrus Pine Spice Rejuvenating Sugar Scrub

If you’re looking for an intense and invigorating scrub, this Nectar Bee™ Citrus Pine Spice Rejuvenating Sugar Scrub is what you seek. An exuberant blend of citrus and pine come together in this 5:1 THC:CBD scrub, which is sure to leave your skin super smooth and your nose working overtime to take in all the delightful smells.


Who doesn’t like a pun, especially when it’s a kinky pun? Nectar Bee’s™ brand new Stemulate personal lubricant is the perfect way to bring cannabis into the bedroom. Specifically formulated with hash oil and coconut oil, Stemulate is the perfect accouterment to for your next intimate moment.

A lotion, balm, salve, oil, scrub, and even lubricant for every situation was what Nectar Bee™ sought to create, and if you ask me they’ve done an impressive job. If you’re ready to start exploring the world of cannabis topicals, then The Green Solution® should be your first stop. What makes these topicals even more phenomenal is their pricing. With lotions and salves for as cheap as $15, there simply is no beating their price point. With quality ingredients, unrivaled selection, and unbeatable prices Nectar Bee™ has topical cannabis applications down to an art form so that you can reap the benefits.#JessetheGrove

Nectar Bee Topical Selection
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Nectar Bee Topical Selection
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