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The Station 420 Deals
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Gorilla Glue From The Station

The first time I remember celebrating 4/20 was at some point in college, and most of that memory isn’t all that memorable. I seem to recall making some weed-tea in the morning before I went to class, which is something I still do but with better tea. Then, after pretending to not be stoned for a few hours and obnoxiously telling people “happy holidays” in the hallways, I got home for a nap. Riveting stuff, I know. And I haven’t even mentioned the part where I woke up and ate an entire large Dominos pizza by myself.

Luckily, the beautiful city of Boulder has much more to offer than anything I had available to me years ago, and The Station in Boulder is the place to be if you’re looking to start your holiday off right.

My fellow stoners in Boulder will have a lot to celebrate this fine 4/20. If you’ve ever stopped by The Station in Boulder, you know that they have some fine bud and outstanding service. On top of that, they’re throwing down some excellent deals on flower and accessories to make sure you’re all stocked up for the big day.

The Station 420 Deals:

Whaddya buyin?

The Station is going to be handing out two-for-one joints all day. That means that when you would usually be lighting up one joint for you and the roommates, you get to spark two of them for “maximum doobage” as some weird old stoners call it.420 Banner The Station square

If you’re more interested in rolling up your own, you will be happy to find out that all 8ths are going to be weighed to a heavy four grams. That’s a half-gram more than you’d normally get for absolutely no additional cost.

Upgrade your stash

If you’ve been in Colorado a little while then you probably know the basics of recognizing good bud when you see it. But something I’ve always struggled with is taking proper care of my cannabis once I’ve got it at home. As a frequent dabber and lover of edibles, I’m not always going to through my flower that quickly. My bud is going to be sitting on my desk for a little while before I actually decide to roll it up into something. The plastic bags and jars that dispensaries pack your weed in are fine for short term, but there’s a better option out there if your stash consists of large quantities and weed that sticks around a while.

The lids are made in Portland, Oregon, and are child-resistant, so you can reuse it when you’re making trips back-and-forth to the dispensary. The silicone koozie that covers the outside of your jar protects your bud from sunlight damage, and makes the entire container smell proof. And since we’re all about keeping things green around here, the jar is made with eco-friendly materials and the lid itself is made with 30% farm waste. I had no idea that cow pies would make such good weed jars…

Big Bubba D-3

Big Bubba D From The Station

That’s why The Station in Boulder is doing a giveaway for perhaps the world’s coolest stash jar. Re:Stash is utilizing something many of us are already using to contain our weed, the oh-so-typical Mason jar, and keeping sustainability and practicality at the forefront of their product. Anyone that spends more than $55 at The Station is going to be entered to win one of these stylish stash jars. And, for those that regular The Station in Boulder, you’ll know about their awesome Baker Loyalty Rewards program. The more you spend, the more points you accumulate, and this 4/20, a day where you should be buying in bulk, you’ll be getting double Baker points!

What else ya got?

On the recreational side at The Station, you’ll have access to $125 ounces of a select strain, and you’ll get 15% off all concentrates, topicals, and edibles. That’s good deals on pretty much everything in the store. If you were excited about their two-for-one joint deal, you’ll be happy to know they’re running the same deal on caviar joints, something I think everyone should burn once before they leave Colorado. A keef-coated joint that’s layered with THC oil? Yes, please.

And for medical patients looking to pick up their prescriptions on 4/20, you’ve got $100 (pre-tax) ounces to look forward to in addition to 20% off all your dabs, edibles, and topicals. They’re also running a special deal that gets you 25% off Denver Dab Co. Concentrates.

Check out The Station in Boulder this 4/20, it’s one of the best spots in town, and their staff is going to send you out the door happy.adam-wheeler

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