Dixie Bursts Pulled Taffy

Dixie Bursts Pulled Taffy
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We’ve entered the day and age where if there’s any kind of food product on the market that can be infused with marijuana it’s been done. I’ve had marijuana-infused pumpkin pie, marijuana-infused honey, marijuana-infused pizzas, and even marijuana-infused ice cream. So, it didn’t surprise me too much when I heard that Dixie was coming out with a marijuana-infused taffy. Taffy has always been a magical treat for me. Ever since my childhood days going up to Estes Park with my parents and watching the saltwater taffy machines slowly turning away in the windows. As for the potential for Taffy to be infused with cannabis, I won’t lie, I was rather dubious about the concept. The only reason I’m somewhat skeptical is that I find lots of fruit flavored items to be a poor conduit for cannabis infusion. My reasoning for this is in my belief that the fats that are present inside chocolate and other cannabis-infused treats tend to do a better job at covering up the flavor of the cannabis itself. Nonetheless, I was quite excited to see what an experienced infuser like Dixie would bring to the table with their Bursts Pulled Taffy. For starters, there is one huge advantage of creating pulled taffy over a lot of other more conventional edibles. Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy is gluten-free, dairy free, and nut free. This opens these edibles to a lot of individuals who may have certain dietary concerns that other marijuana treats do not meet. Another great feature of these Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy is it they come in specific varieties. In the case of this review, I got to sample the Dixie Taffy crafted with high-quality sativa oil. Even more exciting to me, was the chance to sample three different flavors in just one pack. My sativa infused pack contained individually wrapped ten-milligram doses of mango, blue raspberry, and strawberry pulled taffy. This has been one of the most pleasant changes I’ve witnessed for consumers in the cannabis industry of late, the inclusion of multiple flavors in a single hundred-milligram package. I determined that for this review I would try one of each flavor making for a total dosage of thirty milligrams of THC. For me, this is certainly enough to give me a potent sensation. I started with the adventure of the packaging which is always how I must start these endeavors. Unfortunately, I find that far too often MED-compliant packaging also means people who may need cannabis to treat things like arthritis are going to have an absolute nightmare getting to their medication. The initial opening was relatively easy. I pulled the rip tab across the top and found that I could already easily access the individually wrapped taffy inside. However, after taking my three doses out, resealing the package, and attempting to open it again I had to use so much strength that I physically shredded the plastic zip seal at the top of the bag. If you don’t plan on enjoying all of your Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy in one session, I highly recommend finding a different style of tamper-resistant packaging to keep them in after they are opened. With the liberation of my pulled taffy out of the way, it was time to dig in. I decided they would be best enjoyed in the order listed on the packaging starting with mango, moving on the blue raspberry, and finishing with strawberry.

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Mango Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy :: Appearance | Smell |Taste :

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I’ve always had a tenuous relationship with mango flavor. I pretty much despise mangos themselves as a fresh fruit but am much more on board when they’re dehydrated first. Likewise, mango flavor in edibles and drinks is often quite palatable to me. I started by removing the individual ten-milligram dose of the mango taffy from its clear wrapper. A relatively mild but distinctly mango aroma escaped. I’ll start off by saying this is a very well formed and perfectly crafted edible. The surface stickiness and hint of air bubbles along the sides look like what I would expect from pulled taffy. Taking a closer whiff, I couldn’t detect any hint of cannabis aroma. I definitely got more of the sweet mango smell. I decided it was time and popped the entire taffy in my mouth. The initial flavor and consistency were absolutely spot-on. The taffy itself was light and sticky and elicited a surplus of salivation. Moments after the mango flavor starting to coat my mouth a potent marijuana flavor came into the mix as well. The initial flavor of the mango was overwhelmed by that of the cannabis. I wasn’t overly surprised by this. I know just how potent the flavor of marijuana is, especially when it’s only being covered by the mild taste of mango. As the taffy slowly disintegrated in my mouth, in that special way that taffy does, I found the amalgam of the two flavors was relatively unpleasant. For a spot on aroma and a spot on consistency the flavor definitely left me wanting. It was time to move on to blue raspberry. A much more potent flavor and, in my opinion, a much more suitable choice for cannabis-infused Taffy.

Blue Raspberry Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy :: Appearance | Smell |Taste :

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Dixie Bursts Blue Raspberry Pulled Taffy was equally as Immaculate in its formation as the mango. The beautiful blue hue was very nostalgic for me and extremely reminiscent of the taffies of my childhood. As soon as I peeled opened the clear plastic wrap, I was overjoyed at the extremely potent blue flavor that escaped. And yes, I do mean blue as opposed to blue raspberry. Over my lifetime I’ve made the executive decision that blue raspberry flavor is pretty much its own entity and the aroma and flavor given off from it is that of the color blue. This Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy had given me just what I wanted. I tossed the entire taffy into my mouth and experienced the same initial consistency from that of the mango. As the Taffy slowly disintegrated a very delightful blue flavor coated my entire mouth. As I pushed the taffy around attempting to keep it from sticking to my teeth, I detected a slight cannabis flavor. In this case, the cannabis flavor was entirely overwhelmed by the flavor of the taffy. This was a much better experience for me than the mango had been. As I finish the last little traces of the taffy I was overall quite pleased with the experience. There was a little bit of a funky aftertaste at the end, but a couple of sips of water and my palate was back to normal. Just in time to try the strawberry taffy!

Strawberry Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy :: Appearance | Smell |Taste :

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Strawberry has got to be my favorite flavor in artificial form, hands down. Seeing as strawberries are one of my favorite fruits this is no surprise. I took a moment to handle the strawberry taffy inside its wrapper. The density and consistency were absolutely on par with the mango and the blue raspberry. As soon as I liberated it from its plastic wrapper, I was shocked by just how strong the strawberry aroma was. This is an extremely potent smelling edible. The smell of this Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy was getting me genuinely excited. I popped the whole taffy into my mouth and was immediately rewarded with an extremely potent strawberry flavor. This is some damn good strawberry taffy. As I slowly gnawed on the strawberry chunk of bliss, I was not even able to detect a flavor of cannabis beyond a muted mouthfeel that I’ve gotten accustomed to detecting. This was quite an exciting treat. I attempted to savor the taffy as much as possible. Alas, you can’t stop taffy from melting in your mouth. It’s not an everlasting magical chocolate factory variety taffy after all. As the last bit of taffy whisked away into nothingness, I was left wanting another piece but knowing full well I shouldn’t considering how high I was going to be.

Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy :: Effect :

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My assessment of how stoned I was going to be proved to be quite accurate. Within about 45 minutes of consuming my third taffy, I felt the rapid onset of a quite potent sativa-oriented high. I quickly pegged it as being a sativa-based sensation simply off how it affected me cerebrally. Typically, I’m used to edibles starting off with a body high. In the case of these Dixie Burst Pulled Taffies, I noticed a cerebral high setting in first. In a feeling that started at the nape of my neck and slowly made its way up into my brain, I felt quite a bit more active that I’m used to from most edibles. As someone who has quite a bit of experience with cannabis edibles at this point, I had already planned my evening activities. I was going to plant some flowers in our front planter boxes. If you’ve never planted plants while you’re stoned, I highly recommend it. There is just something about the tactical feeling of the dirt and knowing that I was planting flowers after getting stoned on flowers. It all felt very circle of life-esque. One thing that I did not expect from the high from Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy was how rapidly the high diminished. I’m used to feeling dopey and off from consuming marijuana edibles for at least several hours but I found that after just a couple hours of my high setting in it gracefully vanished. Overall, this made my experience with Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy a very delightful one. It’s also noteworthy that I was never stricken with the almost obligatory Munchies that I’m used to getting when I consume cannabis. This specific sativa oil utilized inside these taffies had done its job.


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I came into this review extremely skeptical that anyone could make taffy good when infused with cannabis, but I was proven wrong. Dixie has done a phenomenal job balancing out flavor profiles to create taffy that should bring a smile to almost anyone’s face. While I was not a fan of the mango flavor, the blue raspberry and strawberry more than made up for it. Since I’m not a huge fan of mango I might not have been the fairest judge for that flavor but in my opinion, the cannabis is simply too strong a flavor to juxtaposed with mango. Blue raspberry and strawberry packed the oomph to overcome the weakness and create a marijuana-infused edible I’d be glad to have again in the future. These flavors, in concert with a sativa-oriented high that doesn’t ruin my entire afternoon, makes Dixie Burst Pulled Taffy a real winner in my book. On a final note, I’d recommend having a glass of water nearby when you enjoy your taffy. I found myself quite parched after the experience. As to what kind of strange and bizarre new edibles will be infused with cannabis next, I don’t know. What I can say, is that as long as experienced companies like Dixie have their hand in it, the end results are going to be quite delicious.

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