Joygum | Blue Raspberry Lime Flavor

Joygum | Blue Raspberry Lime Flavor
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I must admit that I do enjoy a good piece of chewing gum. I certainly don’t enjoy it to Violet Beauregarde levels, but I do like it enough that I certainly remember the first few times I ever had chewing gum as a child. The first time my parents ever gave me gum they were utilizing it to help pressurize my inner ears from either going up in the mountains or going on a flight. Being the manipulative little monster that I was, I recall that I tended to complain about pressure changes even when they were pretty much non-existent simply to get another piece of chewing gum. Now that I’m an adult I can chew gum anytime I’d like. This is good considering the cannabis industry is now making gum for adults only. If you don’t catch what I’m insinuating already, I am talking about cannabis-infused chewing gum. I think it’s pretty much time for me to declare the retirement of the worn-out old phrase “I thought I’d seen it all”. I really had thought I’d seen it all but as it turns out, if there’s any way that you can imbibe, inhale, or consume cannabis someone is conceiving of a way to make it a reality. It was time for me to try to Joygum. Joygum comes in a variety of flavors with different concentrations of THC and CBD. My choice was their all-natural Blue Raspberry Lime Flavor Cannabis Infused Chewing Gum due in part to its balanced one to one ratio of CBD and THC. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with cannabis infused chewing gum. As it turns out, I was in store for a quite odd experience which is pretty much what I assumed would happen from an experimental flavor like blue raspberry lime. Throw in some cannabis flavor and you have a taste sensation in your mouth that’s not soon forgotten. One very commendable factor about Joygum is its potential for microdosing. My All Natural Blue Raspberry Lime Flavor Joygum only contained five milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD per piece. That makes this chewing gum ideal for someone who doesn’t want high concentrations of THC. It’s experimentation time friends.

If you’re simply too intrigued to pass up the opportunity to try a cannabis infused chewing gum you can find the entire lineup of Joy Gum available at Emerald fields in Glendale, Colorado and Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Emerald Fields offers one of the most diverse selections of edible products in the state. This massive selection is only eclipsed by their huge selection of concentrates and vape pen cartridges. If flower is more your jam, Emerald Fields has a massive selection including crops cultivated from renowned Colorado growers like Veritas.

Joygum | Blue Raspberry Lime :: Appearance | Smell:


I was completely in the dark as to what form Joygum would take when I first picked up my package. I wasn’t sure if it would be sticks, little logs, or tiny hard-shelled gems. As soon as I got the package I felt around inside and quickly determined I was dealing with small hard-sided pods. This makes sense since I can imagine soft forms of chewing gum having a much higher potential to transfer THC concentration from piece to piece. It was Sunday afternoon and I had nothing to do. The time was right to chew some gum. I pulled the rip tab across the top and was confronted with yet another type of proprietary tamper-resistant mechanism. It only took me a moment to decipher the riddle of the bag. While I’m not a fan of this style of tamper-resistant container I will admit this is one of the easier ones I’ve had to deal with. As soon as I had reopened the package, I decided to go in for a smell. The aroma is exactly what was advertised on the package. A tart aroma of raspberry mixed with a hint of lime effervesced out of the tiny bag. I stared down inside and saw ten perfect little greenish-yellow gems each speckled with blue and marked with a green THC label. There was no trace of cannabis aroma. Knowing full well I have a lot of room in my mouth for gum and that I like to have at least ten milligrams of THC to fully sample a product, I determined I was going to have two pieces to start. After a little further investigation, I noticed that the consistency on the outside shell was very reminiscent to lots of gums I’ve purchased in the past. They squished in the same manner that I was accustomed to. As soon as I crushed one of the pieces between my fingers it let out an extremely potent blue aroma. In this test, the lime flavor was not nearly as robust. It was empirical study time.

Joygum | Blue Raspberry Lime :: Taste | Effect:


I started with one piece. As soon as I bit into it, the initial consistency felt a little too soft. An absolute cacophony of flavors practically assaulted my tongue. The sweetness of the blue flavor in concert with the tartness of the lime and the earthy richness of cannabis flavor all quested for dominance in my mouth. After a moment chewing the consistency quickly balanced out into a traditional gum texture. Still confused from the initial flavor, I figured it was time to add in a second piece into the mix. As I slowly chewed the second piece, the consistency balanced out and tempered with the first piece. Of all the flavors that were president, I would say that the cannabis and the lime were the most potent at the start. I wasn’t entirely sure what to think. The more I chewed the more the cannabis and lime flavored diminished and I was left with a simple sweet blue flavor. I feel that it is noteworthy that I was told at the dispensary that most of the THC and cannabis oil will be absorbed in the first minute or so of chewing the gum. I was in for the long haul though and I wanted to know the overall longevity of the gum’s flavor. After about five minutes, the majority of the cannabis flavor had completely vanished, and I was left with bizarre blue lime-flavored gum. I decided to sit back with my gum and wait for effects. It took only about thirty minutes before I started to feel the initial THC sensations imparted by the chewing gum. Overall, the sensations were relatively muted. This was due mostly in part to the fact that I only had ten milligrams of THC. The CBD also kicked in after about a half-hour. I was pleased that after about thirty minutes the gum still had a decent amount of flavor in it, which is more than I can say about a lot of other types of gum. I sat back and relaxed for about another fifteen minutes enjoying the relaxed sensations the CBD was providing me. It was about 45 minutes in that I determine that the gum had lost most of its viable flavor. The effects didn’t last for an extremely long time and after about 2 hours I was feeling mostly back to normal.


Cannabis-infused chewing gum was quite a different experience. I was impressed with how fast the THC and CBD absorbed into my system. I was also pleased with the longevity of the flavor (that is after the initial flavor of cannabis and lime started to wane away). It is also noteworthy that I feel like one piece of this gum alone is nowhere near enough. Although you may be looking for only a dosage of five milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD I feel like there’s just not enough chewing gum involved in the process to make it worthwhile. I think one of the most Illuminating factors of doing this review was the determination that I’m much more of a fan of traditional flavors of chewing gum which is certainly something that Joy Gum provides. I had simply selected the all-natural Blue Raspberry Lime Flavor Joygum for its one to one ratio of THC and CBD. If you are more of an experimental gum person than me, this might be one of your absolute favorites then. As for me, I’ll most likely stick to the more traditional flavors of Joygum in the future. The mantra on the top of the joy gum package states: “taste the joy share the joy feel the joy”. I certainly tasted and I certainly felt it, I just hope I brought enough chewing gum for everyone.

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