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I’ve noticed over the last six months one of the worst things that can happen to a cannabis reviewer has been happening to me. It seems like with each passing day I become more and more of a lightweight when it comes to imbibing marijuana. I’m not sure if this is directly correlated to the fact that I just don’t have the time to smoke as much as I used to, or if getting older is literally making me a lightweight. Suffice it to say, when cannabis is concerned, I’m an extremely cheap date. Lucky for me, it seems like the marijuana industry has been evolving along with my diminished fortitude. There are now far more microdosed options in edibles than ever. CBD dominant strains are also more readily available than they had been in the past. Even with lower THC content strains I find that I’m somewhat limited when it comes to enjoying some of my favorite old school activities. Things like ripping steamrollers, smoking giant bongs, and soloing fat joints. At least one company out there has my back when it comes to smoking joints. Mezz, a subsidiary company of Kaviar, just hit the market with brand new premium pre-rolls that are the absolute perfect size to solo or share with a friend. Not only are these brand-new Mezz Premium Pre-Rolls short in stature and high in quality but they come in convenient seven packs. Brazenly embellished on the side of the package is the comedic statement “one a day keeps the doctor away”. While I’m sure they don’t have the same nutritional benefits as an apple, I certainly enjoyed them enough that I approve of them robbing the old colloquial saying. For a lightweight like me, these joints are the perfect match. If you’re not a lightweight then why not treat yourself to two joints in the morning, perchance two Joints at night, and maybe even two joints in the afternoon? You’d even have one left for later!

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Mezz Pre-Rolls :: Appearance | Smell:

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For starters, these Mezz Pre-Rolls seven packs are extremely pleasing to hold. The hard-sided plastic container is just about the right size to fit in the palm of your hand. It would also quite comfortably fit in a purse or sit in your side pocket with some keys and a wallet. The fact that it is hard-sided is an incredible boon. I did notice that there was a proprietary system in place to make the container tamper-resistant. I often am extremely skeptical of proprietary safety mechanisms on cannabis products having had many issues with them in the past. The safety seal on these Mezz Pre-Rolls was an exception to my hatred of proprietary mechanisms. It only took a moment for me to determine how to open the packaging. The mechanism, while extremely simple, would be quite difficult for children to decipher yet easy enough for someone who is potentially suffering from arthritis to open. A simple push of a button reveals a white lift tab. As soon as I open the lid, I was treated to seven immaculate little shorty joints and a quite potent herbal aroma. The individual joints inside the container were segregated into a set of four of the set of three by small cardboard insert. I’d be lying if I said they didn’t look absolutely amazing. I took one of the joints out and handled it for a moment. Each shorty cone had a relatively long and robust paper crutch and about one-inch-worth of sticky icky on the end. The packaging did not indicate the strain that was utilized inside these joints, but it did specify that the blend was sativa dominant. The small joints are also available in hybrid and indica seven packs as well. There’s no denying how well-crafted these joints are. Each joint had a perfect conical line and was sealed with a perfect twist. I determined I had gotten as far as a cursory inspection could get me. I decided it was time to sit back in my workshop and spark one of these bad boys up.

Mezz Pre-Rolls :: Smoke | Effect:

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I would say that I had a difficult time deciding which one to start with but considering the uniformity between all seven of the joints, it really didn’t matter which one I picked. I arbitrarily selected my first victim. I started by burning the tail just a little bit before my first inhale. I took my first couple puffs and it was delightful! While the caliber of the cannabis inside the joint was nothing to write home about, there was no denying that it was on the upper echelon of quality. It is somewhat difficult to determine a flavor profile when smoking a joint versus smoking out of clean glass but the flower inside these Mezz Pre-rolls did possess a few stereotypical sativa traits. The initial flavors were sweet and floral with a slight sharpness to them. There were no indications of any sort of dankness that is customary in Indica dominant strains. The most important part was how smooth and clean the joint smoked. It might have been due in part to his diminutive stature or maybe more credit is due to the style in which Mezz packed their product into their cones, but there were absolutely no runs in this joint. It’s smoked clean and straight the entire way down to the crutch. What about effectiveness? Allow me to drive home the point that I’m an extreme lightweight nowadays. After smoking one of these Mezz shorty joints solo, I was uproariously stoned. I sat back on my couch and realized that my eyes were probably glazing over. I had just enough willpower to put something on the television before collapsing into a stupor of memes on my phone. It all made for a delightful evening. That weekend I determined that these mini joints would be the perfect things to share with a friend. I found that when sharing with a friend we each got around three to four puff puff passes before reaching the undesirable zone at the end of the joint. Like any joint, when you do get down to the very bottom of these Mezz Pre-Rolls things can get somewhat harsh. That sort of is just the nature of the beast though.


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