Smokin Gun Apothecary Joints, Blunts, and Cannagars

Smokin Gun Apothecary Joints, Blunts, and Cannagars
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Puff, puff pass. It’s a crucial paradigm of cannabis smoking. Smokin Gun Joints Blunts and Cannagars-5I personally have been puff-puff-passing for a considerable time now and have done so with a varying selection of different joints and blunts ranging the full spectrum of quality and quantity from quarter gram pinners to deluxe foot long cones. If you personally have a penchant for pinners, blunt, or cones it is the day and age of cannabis experimentation here in Colorado. When you walk into your local dispensary the bar for pre-rolls is significantly higher than it’s ever been before. We are well beyond the days of shake joints and crappy imitation blunts. We are now well into the age of strain-specific pre-rolls each of which seems to have something that sets it apart from the competition. To get an idea of just how diverse the options are nowadays I went to Smoking Gun, a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Glendale, Colorado. Smoking Gun specializes in carrying a superior selection of cannabis product all integrated with a unique one-of-a-kind museum experience that is unlike any other dispensary in the world. During my visit, I wanted to focus on three specific types of pre-rolls that are unique. In this adventure, I was exploring The Flower Collective Bubble Joints, Honest Marijuana Co. Honest Blunts, and Blunt Lyfe G.O.A.T. Cannagars. Each of these unique pre-rolls comes with its own character, personality, and unique attributes that make each of them one-of-a-kind. While this is just a fraction of the different pre-rolled options available in Smoking Gun, I wanted to know about the real diamonds in the rough and how each of these unique pre-rolls fits into the wider spectrum of options available in Colorado.Smokin Gun Joints Blunts and Cannagars-2 Seeing as I was going to be consuming blunts, I assembled my crack team of cannabis consumers and we all prepared for a trial run on some of the most scene-settings blunts and joints to ever have hit the market.

The Flower Collective :: Bubble Joint:

It was a Saturday morning and we just started our adventure nice and early with a hybrid Bubble Joint from The Flower Collective. The Flower Collective, based out of Nederland, Colorado, produces fine strain-specific pre-rolls loaded with out-of-this-world bubble hash. In this case, the Bubble Joint that we were enjoying was a hybrid going by the household stoner name Pineapple Express. A new age iconic strain for a new age iconic style of joint. I took a moment to admire the packaging on The Flower Collective Bubble Joint. The outside of the dram tube is adorned with a variety of uniquely Colorado mountain-themed images. This includes everything from ski lifts and fish to the obligatory construction equipment that is now perpetually linked with Colorado’s ever-growing infrastructure and Nederland’s mining heritage. When popping the top on The Flower Collective Bubble Joint it appears (on the surface) to be a very standard pre-roll. The secret to this joint lies in the bubble hash that is loaded into every single one of their pre-rolls. The initial aroma of the joint was quite sweet but overall relatively nondescript. In general, it just smelled like amazing weed. Not one to tarry, I made haste beginning the process of lighting the joint. The secret of ensuring that your joint doesn’t run starts at the filling process.Smokin Gun Joints Blunts and Cannagars-4 Since this step was out of our hands, in this situation your next best bet is to make sure you evenly light the end (this tragically means potentially losing your first couple puffs to ensure that you haven’t well-rounded cherry across the entire end of the joint. Horrible sacrifice, right? With style and panache, we found the perfect Cherry at the end of our Bubble Joint and started passing it around. I found the initial flavor of the Pineapple Express inside the joint to be relatively nondescript (on par with its aroma). I did detect a small, sweet hint of the bubble hash lying inside. Overall as we passed the joint around (puff, puff of course) we were all impressed with how evenly it burned and how quickly it made us high. I was feeling full-on sativa leaning high by the time the Bubble Joint had made its second round. Despite being hybrid by genetics, we all concurred that the Pineapple Express from The Flower Collective verges on the sativa side of the spectrum and may have the potential to get a little racy. Long story short, if you don’t have any tolerance for cannabis, one of these Bubble Joints will knock you on your ass. We sat around laughing and playing board games for the next hour or so as the primary effects started to wear off. By this point of the day, beers were starting to be passed around. Me, being the consummate professional I am, held off knowing full well I had a blunt to sample that evening as well.

Honest Marijuana Co. :: Honest Blunt:

The better part of the day passed, and I was feeling starkly sober. That simply wouldn’t do for our intending Dungeons & Dragons session that evening. It was time to bust out an Honest Blunt. While I’ve certainly tried an abundance of concentrate-infused pre-rolls in the past Honest Blunts are a little different from the standard fare. the Platinum Honest Blunt I was about to enjoy is one of the first that utilizes hemp wraps to create an aesthetic and smoke that is reminiscent to that of a blunt sans tobacco and fillers. When I was picking up my honest blunt from Smoking Gun, I learned a little bit more about the company that produces them as well. One thing that is extremely cool about Honest Marijuana Co.