Stillwater Gummy Supplements

Stillwater Gummy Supplements
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I feel like Colorado’s cannabis industry has finally come full circle. What started with the legalization of medicinal marijuana quickly transitioned into a race for the highest THC content after recreational sales started. It’s taken a half decade for many infused products manufacturers to get back to their roots (pun intended). I hate using the term “rediscover” in the context of the medicinal benefits of cannabis but when you take a step back and see just how many companies have only been striving for higher THC content it might be quite apt. It is because of this race for high THC content that I’m extremely excited to see products like Stillwater Gummy Supplements. These recreationally available gummy supplements are a step in the right direction for individuals who want to use cannabis medicinally but may not have otherwise qualified for a medicinal marijuana license. I personally know individuals who have had great success treating things like insomnia and PTSD with cannabis. The trick is, ailments such as those do not qualify you for medicinal cannabis and many people who are looking to get a good night sleep don’t want high THC content in their products. That is exactly where these Stillwater Gummy Supplements come into play. I had the fortune of sampling two different varieties of the delicious gummy supplements. The first of which is green tea mango flavored and contains a one-to-one ratio of THC and CBD. The second one is a honey lavender gummy supplement that contains five milligrams of CBD to every quarter milligram of THC. If you are unfamiliar with CBD, then I’m not exactly sure what rock you’ve been living under. Industrially hemp-cultivated CBD has become a national craze (in the United States at least). There is a slight trick to know about this new industrial CBD craze, however. Some of the initial research on CBD has shown that the overall effects may be hampered when not utilized with what is known as the entourage effect. While many mass-produced CBD companies say that their products are full spectrum and represent all the components of the plant, they are lacking in that one key ingredient, THC. Small concentrations of THC can have a profound impact on how CBD is metabolized by the body and how your natural endocannabinoid system reacts to its introduction. This makes dispensary-only available products like Stillwater Gummy Supplements an ideal starting point for people who really do want to gain the additional benefits of cannabis. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what the products. I’d like to take a moment next to expand on how Stillwater crafts these unique cannabis supplements.

If you absolutely need to get your hands on some of these amazing Stillwater Gummy Supplements, you’ll find them available at Smokin Gun Apothecary, a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Glendale, Colorado.. These gummies are an ideal match for a dispensary that prides itself so much in the education of its consumers. Every time you visit Smokin Gun you get a crash course on prohibition history and the war on drugs. You also get to leave with the bonus of some of the best concentrates, strains, and edibles handpicked from growers across Colorado. Best of all, Smokin Gun is even open late until midnight seven days a week.

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The brilliant minds at Stillwater have a little trick up their sleeves that you may have heard of before. It is an odorless and flavorless THC or CBD additive called Ripple. I first sampled Ripple several years back, soon after its conception. Utilizing a proprietary extraction process and a little bit of cannabis industry voodoo the Ripple powder created by Stillwater is flavorless and odorless. For my first review on Ripple I made myself a batch of cannabis-infused tater tots. Besides being extremely novel to write about, I definitely had never gotten so high from tater tots before. To make a long story short, Stillwater now utilizes the exact same powder inside these gummy supplements. The end result is no discernable cannabis flavor in any of their gummy flavors.

Stillwater Green Tea and Mango Gummy Supplements :: Appearance | Smell |Taste | Effect:

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Now that I’ve explain a little bit more about what makes these gummy supplements from Stillwater so unique it’s time to get to the heart of the matter. I’ll start with discussing Stillwater Green Tea and Mango Gummy Supplements. For starters, the Green Tea and Mango Gummy Supplements are microdosed. This means there’s a small amount of THC and CBD and every individual. In this case, there are two and a half milligrams of each cannabinoid inside each gummy. As a point of reference, a standard get-you-really-high-edibles usually has an initial starting dose of around ten milligrams of THC. I’ll start by sending a little bit of love to Stillwater for their choice of packaging. Instead of making some attempt to utilize some form of newfangled tamper-resistant container they go for the tried-and-true pushdown pill top style container. After having personally tried dozens of different systems, I found most to be infuriating and prone to malfunction. As soon as I remove the lid, I did find that there was a freshness seal underneath which was easily removed. Right as the seal came off, one of the best and most alluring fruit flavors I’ve ever experienced from a cannabis gummy escaped. The initial upfront smell of the mango was beautifully accented with the slightest hint a green tea in the background. My next step was to remove a few of the tiny little gems to handle. Every single gummy was just as equally Immaculate us the next. Each displayed a small MED-required THC content logo. The smell was almost unbearably good. I simply couldn’t wait. Since these Stillwater gummies are marketed as a supplement first and foremost, I decided that I would try just one individual gummy to start out with and see after a little while how it was hitting me. I slowly savored and chewed the gummy. These flavors are incredible some of the best tastes I’ve ever experienced from a cannabis gummy in my life. Quality is what I’ve come to expect from Stillwater. Ripple, however, has another trick up his sleeve. Utilizing Stillwater proprietary water-soluble process, ripple can be absorbed in a fraction of the time that other edibles can be. As a consummate lightweight two and a half milligrams of THC is past the threshold where I’m going to know that I’ve consumed cannabis. Within about twenty minutes, I could feel the slightest sensation of THC juxtaposed beautifully with an even more potent CBD sensation. The pain killing and muscle relaxing attributes of the CBD really made these delicious Green Tea and Mango Gummy Supplements stand out to me. As I wandered around doing some daily chores, I did feel a little bit more pep and a little bit more happiness than I normally would if I was dead sober. Overall, the inebriation factor of one of these gummies on an individual basis is extremely small. Just as gracefully as the high had instilled itself on me it slowly vanished within the next two or three hours. Seeing as it had been such a delicate sensation to begin with it was kind of hard to keep track of exactly when its additional sensations faded away. As a supplement there’s no denying how amazing these Stillwater Green Tea and Mango Gummy Supplements are.

Stillwater Honey Lavender Gummy Supplements :: Appearance | Smell |Taste | Effect:

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Next up, it was time for me to try Stillwater Honey Lavender Gummy Supplements. If you haven’t heard of terpenes or the effect that they can have on your brain, I’ll give you a crash course. Terpenes are the natural proteins responsible for all smells and flavors from plants. Plants such as lavender are high in a terpene known as linalool. Linalool is known to have a relaxing effect. Therefore, you’ll find Lavender is one of the chief components in many types of relaxation aromas. In the case of these Honey Lavender Gummy Supplements from Stillwater lavender is the perfect accoutrement to the higher dosage of five milligrams of CBD to only a quarter milligram of THC. In layman’s terms, these are meant to be something to take at the end of the day to unwind. As soon as I open the top and removed the freshness seal, a very rich and alluring honey aroma came out the top. This was mixed in with the slightest hint of lavender that came in after the fact. I hadn’t even tried one yet and I was already impressed just by the smell. As I took out several of the gummies, I was not surprised to find they shared the same amazing shape as the previous gummies. My evening was coming to an end and I decided it was the perfect time to sample one of Stillwater’s Honey Lavender Gummy Supplements. The consistency and texture were absolutely spot-on, and the flavor was delicious. I don’t think it was quite as tasty as the green tea mango but was undeniably delicious, nonetheless. Just as I expected, there was absolutely no trace of cannabis flavor whatsoever. In similar fashion to the other gummies, after about twenty minutes I started to feel the initial effects of the CBD. Unlike the Green Tea Mango, however, I did not detect any of the THC Sensations. While there may not have been enough THC to instill a high sensation, there was just enough THC to effectively elicit the entourage effect and boost the potential benefits of the CBD. Sometimes high-CBD low-THC is the way to be. I would recount to you exactly how long the sensation lasted in my body, but I decided I was going to go to bed early and let every milligram of that delicious CBD lull me to sleep. These gummy supplements are truly a great invention.

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What more can I say about these Stillwater Gummy Supplements? The flavors are amazing, and the effects are exactly as promised. I’m not someone who is offended by a little bit of cannabis flavor in my gummy treats but if you are then I highly recommend finding something crafted by Stillwater utilizing their Ripple technology. If you’ve somehow gotten through this entire article and still are of the mindset of getting stoned out of your mind, there’s nothing that would stop you from consuming more than one dose of the Stillwater Green Tea Mango Gummies. An entire container does weigh in at fifty milligrams of THC. Take that into account with how rapidly they absorb into your system and you might be feeling good, really fast. Heck, it might even be worth it just to have the excuse to eat more than one of these gummies. Overall, I must say that these are probably my new favorite gummy edibles on the market. I definitely have had some other flavor experiences that were quite delicious, but something about the microdose portioning and the fast-acting properties of Stillwater Gummy Supplements make them stand out. Simply put, I can’t recommend these gummies enough. If you’ve been looking for a daily supplement of small doses of cannabis this is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

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