Wellness Center of the Rockies goes RECREATIONAL!

Wellness Center of the Rockies goes RECREATIONAL!
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When an amazing medical location like Wellness Center of the Rockies announces they are going to open up a recreational side, I can’t help but rejoice. I finally have the opportunity to show my friends without med cards the amazing buds they have been missing out on. Wellness Center of the Rockies marijuana dispensary is going recreational today, making it Denver’s newest recreational location.  I can’t emphasize enough about how amazing the buds look and smell. I found myself lost in the purple shimmering hills of their Strawberry Cough, I was sucked into a crystalline wormhole by their Vortex, and I ventured through the thick forest of dense orange hairs in their Ogre Kush. If you like to dab, then the concentrates at Wellness Center of the Rockies should pique your interest. If you prefer to dab some amazing wax, then you need to try their Durban Diesel. If you’re looking for edibles, there is a full supply of all the industry staples,Wellness Center of the Rockies Rec along with some unique options including products high in CBDs. Going recreational hasn’t affected their quality medical-grade products, and Wellness Center of the Rockies will still retain its medical side and provide 21+ patients with the same personalized purchasing experience they’ve come to trust. Whether you’re a medical card holder, or just a recreational cannabis enthusiast, then you should definitely investigate Wellness Center of the Rockies, located in-between Monaco and Quebec on Leetsdale. This newly rec dispensary is within spitting distance of Aurora, and is chock-full of amazing buds, edibles, and concentrates.  If you are going to check out their recreational opening, but are still interested in using their products for medical purposes, don’t be afraid to ask any of the staff about what strains and edibles can help your specific ailments.

Denver’s Newest Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

I had the opportunity to sit down recently with some of the staff from Wellness Center of the Rockies to learn more about this exciting event. Adding in a recreational side to a dispensary can be a challenge, so I asked Corinna, manager at Wellness Center of the Rockies, why people should come and check out Denver’s newest recreational dispensary. Corinna pointed out that “people should come to Wellness Center of the Rockies for the large variety of selections that we haWellness Center of the Rockies Recve. We have over 25 different strains of cannabis a large variety of concentrates from BHO to CO2 to water and ice.” It’s no joke, their selection is extremely diverse, and as Corinna mentioned, “Anything you’re looking for you’re going to find it here.” Still staying true to their dedication to provide unparalleled medicinal care to red card holders, one of their budtenders, Haley, mentioned, “We provide all kinds of options specifically for people with chemo.” One such option is their Colorado Cannabis Tears Syrup, which comes in an extremely high concentration of 542mg a bottle and is ideal for treating severe pain.

Aurora Dispensaries

Wellness Center of the Rockies recreational opening is good news for those of you in the city of Aurora! If you’re a cannabis smoker in Aurora, then I know you’ve waited a long time for the dispensaries to start opening up. As a resident of Northern Parker, I was waiting in the same excited boat, and couldn’t wait to go and explore the new Aurora dispensaries and sample the cannabis from new and unique locations. Sadly, as the list of dispensaries started to propagate, it became increasingly apparent that Aurora’s 280,000 residents – from up north at the Aurora Mall to Wellness Center of the Rockies Recdown South at the Aurora Reservoir – weren’t going to see a single medical marijuana dispensary. Even more troubling, Colorado’s third largest city wasn’t going to see a single unique dispensary and instead was going to become the domain of large chain dispensaries. Not to discredit the resourcefulness and business acumen of large chain dispensaries, but if you’re like me, you want a unique feel in your day to day bud hunt and will want some small batch buds, produced with tender loving care. This is just what you will get when you come in and visit Wellness Center of the Rockies.

If you get an opportunity to visit Wellness Center Of The Rockies in Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.





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