CBx Sciences Meditate

CBx Sciences Meditate
Emerald Fields Vape Pen Review

There’s a lot of conflicting news out there nowadays about cannabis. CBx Sciences-1Since cannabis is still scheduled one in the eyes of the federal government it’s made it exceedingly difficult to study medicinal benefits while still being compliant to the law. It seems like for the first time in history, proper research is being put into this amazing plant.

Research is where the money is at after all, and for the first time (legally), the money is in cannabis. While most recreational users are purely concerned about THC there are a lot of other great cannabinoids out there to be interested in. Another cannabinoid that’s been making its rounds recently is CBD. To clarify, what does cbd stand for? Cannabidiol. CBD has become popular for its pain-relieving effects and potentially anti-carcinogenic properties, if you’d like to purchase CBD to see how it can help you, have a look at CBD Tampa or somewhere more local to you if CBD is legal in your location. But anyone who’s seen a full cannabinoid list knows it doesn’t simply end THC and CBD. There is a plethora of cannabinoids with a range of effects that can be utilized both recreationally and medicinally.

One particularly under-appreciated cannabinoid is Cannabinol or CBN. CBN has an astonishing ability to decrease inflammation when applied topically, ingested, or smoked. Several marijuana manufacturing companies have become aware of these amazing attributes and have started to create products the cater to this cannabinoid. One such company is Evolab. Chances are you’ve already heard about Evolab from their amazing Alchemy, Chroma, or Color lines of disposable and refillable vape pen cartridges similar to one you could find somewhere like https://www.vape-box.com/store/c/vape-tanks or elsewhere. If this is your first introduction to Evolab then let me introduce you to one of the best extraction companies in the state of Colorado.

Evolab’s newest line of cartridges is a little bit of a change from their previous incarnations and arrives with their new sub-label of CBx Sciences. CBx Science disposable vape pen cartridges come as an entire package. There are no batteries, no recharging, no additional products to purchase, just one discrete delicious vape pen infused with the highest quality cannabinoids and natural terpenes that money can buy. Best of all CBx hasn’t ignored the other cannabinoids that some companies tend to discard. The Blends that I sampled was called meditate for its high CBN content and ability to crash course your brain into a different frequency of brainwave. I was about to find out for me personally just how amazing this pen could be for medical purposes.

If you want to get your hands on one of these CBx Sciences Meditate cartridges for yourself check out Emerald Fields in Glendale or Manitou Springs. Also for the rest of the month keep an eye out for special discounts, deals, and incentives on these cartridges at Emerald Fields Glendale. And be sure to check out other awesome items Evolab at Emerald Fields.

CBx Sciences Meditate :: Appearance | Function:

This is certainly not the first time that I’ve enjoyed a product from Evolab, but it was my first time trying a product from their CBx Sciences line. In a relatively short amount of time Evolab has created a company that represents the very pinnacle of marijuana extraction and cartridge production. While their full line of products is in no way limited to cartridges, I would dare say that the cartridges are there claim to fame. Because of this factor, I was practically ecstatic to try a new product from them. Package neatly inside a little dram container awaited everything that I needed to start experiencing how amazing CBN, CBD, and THC can be in concert. I popped the top and removed the small cigarette style vape pen. What makes this CBx Sciences Meditate vape pen unique from other Evolab products is that these cartridges are affixed directly to the battery in one tight package that is extremely discreet and practically foolproof in functionality with no buttons or charging required. I took a moment to admire the sleek design and appreciate how lightweight and small the device really is. the ratio of CBN, CBD, and THC was roughly 50%, 40%, and 10% respectively. CBx Sciences-2This meant that CBN is the real highlight of this pen (something I was very excited to experience). This makes it a perfect device for medicinal purposes. Also, since Evolab uses a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction process that weeds out (pun intended) any potential for residuals and harsh particulates, this pen is as clean as cannabis can get. Throw in some passion flower, thyme, and sage extract and you’ve got some great flavors in the mix as well. With a device custom-tailored to kick your brain into lower frequencies, I was very excited to give this vape pen a try, but only in the evening time lest I turn into a puddle of the goo midday. I waited until evening time when all my obligations for the day were completed. It was time to see what the CBx Sciences Meditate pen was bringing to the table.

CBx Sciences Meditate :: Taste | Effect:

I took the protective rubber end cap from the vape pen and went in for a long draw (it drew like a sharp #2 pencil). The initial flavor can be simply described the epitome of vaporized cannabis. The flavor and the aroma of the resulting smoke didn’t display any unusual characteristics. It wasn’t overly sweet and it wasn’t bitter it simply smacked of everything that vaporized cannabis is to me. I won’t lie, I would have liked some of the more unique flavors of the thyme or sage to shine through, but it seemed like the only factor they added was enhancing the natural flavor of the marijuana extract. Don’t get me wrong though, as someone who enjoys cannabis, the flavor was absolutely delightful. No single taste be it sweetness, diesel, skunk, or citrus reigned supreme in the flavor and that was totally fine by me. The functionality of the pen itself was unrivaled. I’ve had a few prepackaged all-in-one vape pens before but I’ve never had one that smokes quite as well as this CBx Sciences Meditate. The smoke was insanely voluminous.

After my long initial puff, I let out the cloud worthy of a standard bowl of flower. I went into this experience fully expecting the smoke to be slightly harsh based off the addition of terpenes but was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the experience really was. After fully exhaling I took a moment to appreciate the weedy aftertaste in my mouth. Just for good measure, I determined that I should try one more one more puff. I’m happy to report back my second round of smoke was equally as smooth and delicious as the first. It was now time to wait for the effects to kick in, a process which is notoriously hard to pin down to a certain time frame since different cannabis products have extremely different effects. In this case, I didn’t have to wait very long. Although THC is not the highlight of this vape pen the very initial effects that I felt certainly seems to be THC-induced. A slight cerebral High hit me right behind the eyes, with the slow mellowing effect of CBD and CBN trickling into the mix afterward. CBN is a hard cannabinoid to pin down the effects on since most modern-day, commercialized marijuana has a naturally low content of CBN. CBN quantities increase more when cannabis is stored for longer or produced in a cheaper mass-produced manner. In other words, if you remember the old days of crappy imported Mexican brick weed and the sedative-like affect that it frequently showcased, then you know what CBN is.

As the CBN and CBD went to work I found myself sinking lower and lower into the couch. CBD has the notorious tendency to make me drowsy and in concert with the CBN, I was feeling quite willing to call it an early night. Besides the pain-relieving attributes of the CBD, I can only assume that the CBN’s anti-inflammatory properties aided in the process of relaxing both my mind and body. If you’ve been looking for a sleep aid I can personally vouch for these pens. CBx Sciences-3Their compact size low maintenance and meticulously crafted effects make them ideal for immediate relaxation on the go. For me, the title “meditate” might be a slight misnomer. While I’m sure many people might be able to sink themselves into a quasi-meditative state using this vape pen for me a more apt name would be “sleep”, since that seems to be the effect that it instills in me.


CBx Sciences Meditate is really a phenomenal little vape pen. I’ve had more flavorful smokes from this cbd vape australia, but I simply can’t deny the portability, smoke, and effects of this device. This pen is truly as good as it gets if you’ve been looking for a discrete, portable medical application of cannabis or just a pen that can take that edge off the daily grind. This pen stands as a testament to the power of the Forgotten cannabinoids like CBN. I’m sure as more information comes in and more research is performed on cannabinoids and their effects on the human brain that even more cannabinoids that fall into this forgotten realm will get their chance to shine in a mainstream application. Until then keep an open mind to cannabinoids other than THC. While it may be “the high causer” it is far from the end-all-be-all of what cannabis has to offer both recreationally in medicinally.#JessetheGrove

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