Where Can I Find Pax Era in Colorado?

Where Can I Find Pax Era in Colorado?
Life Flower Dispensary Vape Pen Review

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people choosing to use a nicotine salt vape instead of smoking. As the vaping industry grows, it also diversifies. For example, there are now a lot of cannabis vapes and vape pens – or cigarette Électronique, if you’re part of the growing vaping culture in French-speaking countries – available now. It can be argued that disposable vape pen cartridges are the absolute pinnacle of cannabis use, discretion, and safety. Since pre-filled cartridges first hit the market, a few years back, there have been ups and downs and good cartridges and bad cartridges.Pax-1 Some cartridges end up leaking all over you while some cartridges don’t heat up the cannabis to a proper level and some cannabis cartridges incinerate their contents into a black smoke that’s no good for anyone. There have been years now of trial-and-error behind perfecting cartridges and I would dare say that now in 2017 the perfect cartridges have been created. There are a handful of cartridge distributors out there that I feel justified in recommending. One such cartridge is the Pax Era. Pax is hardly new to the game and has been producing oil, wax, and leaf vaporizers for many years, but the Pax Era is their first dalliance with disposable cartridge vape pens. There late entrance into the game of disposable cartridges afforded them to take time to perfect these cartridges. I’ve had my fair share of different cartridges, but the Pax Era Pods are a cartridge that I keep coming back to. The first time I was able to enjoy a Pax Era was during the initial promotional period before they had been released to the public. It was absolute love at first puff. Not only are these cartridges sleek, technologically advanced, and incredibly flavorful but they also represent the best and most efficient cartridge I have ever smoked out of. There certainly are other cartridges out there that deserve merits, but Pax Era has become my favorite. While the system is a proprietary connector and does not connect on regular 35mm connectors like other vape pen cartridges the design is so sound I have no qualms purchasing only from Pax. I honestly feel comfortable saying that if you do purchase yourself a Pax Era it will be the last vape pen you ever buy as it is one of the top rated vapes!!!

You can snag a Pax Era device for the new low price of only $20 at Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale, Colorado. With a device for only $20 that’s not much more than a standard battery, and with the ease and convenience of the Pax Era system, that’s practically a steal.

I’m not the smoker that I used to be, back in college. Pax-3I used to be able to function most days in and out with a healthy level of THC in my system. I find myself unable to function like that in my thirties now. For this very reason, I don’t find myself toting around a vape pen always like many of my friends do. When I have, however, I found the just about every trait of the Pax Era to be superior to other vape pens. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of situations where I want to have a vape pen on hand (I’m talking to you going Christmas shopping). I pulled my Pax Era device out from its respective spot on my shelf and brushed a spot of dust off it. It had been a few months since I had used it, but I had just snagged a new cartridge at Life Flower dispensary in Glendale, Colorado. In this case, the cartridge that I received was a Bubba Kush indica live resin. Before I get into the details of the cartridge I need to explain a little more about how amazing the Pax Era device is. For starters, it’s an intelligent device (and I do say device not battery). Just one of its many abilities correlates to its potential for connectivity with your Apple or Android product. This application includes features like changing the temperature and even includes a few fun games and color options for the Pax Era’s light. The smart device has haptic controls on board as well that allow for quick checks on battery life with a simple shake, or temperature adjustments with a shake and a quick removal of the cartridge. If you’ve been in the market for a pen that is truly discreet the size of the Pax Era and its pods, make it the absolute best choice. The entire device itself can easily be cupped in the palm of my hands and has a much smaller profile than standard 35mm round batteries with conventional disposable cartridges. The device is also easily and rapidly charged via a micro USB port on the bottom of the device. Battery life on the Pax Era is robust and will definitely get you through a couple days of heavy puffing, but as I mentioned before, when charging time comes, you won’t be left twiddling your fingers long; Pax Era devices charge exceptionally fast. The connection from the pod to the device is achieved with two metal prongs and a small rubber gasket around the rim of the cartridge. Having used the Pax Era several times before I can personally attest that you’re not going to be dealing with the leaks, burn-outs, uneven burning, wasted concentrates, and general frustration that other cartridges are more than willing to provide. Simply put, the Pax Era delivery system is the absolute best vape pen mechanism that I’ve ever seen. I’ll say with confidence, this is the best marijuana cartridge system on the market. Now that I’ve raved about the outer features and the Pax Era as a whole, what about the stuffing? After all, you could have the best system in the world and if you filled it with crappy concentrates it would undeniably be reserved to the annals of mediocrity. This is not the case with Pax. Their range of concentrates in their cartridges is very inclusive and perhaps best of all, they offer the allure of live resins like Bubba Kush in their cartridges.

Bubba Kush Live Resin Cartridge


There are vape pen cartridges and there are live resins vape pen cartridges, if you’ve never treated yourself to the latter, then you’ve been missing out. Live resins capture all the precious terpenes and harness them in one unstoppable force of cannabis goodness that leaves your tongue satisfied with the freshest, cleanest marijuana flavor possible. I plugged in my cartridge to my charged Pax Era device and I was ready to see just how amazing a Pax live resins pod can be. The initial puff was mystically sweet and showcased the sugary side notes of its spawning strain. Thanks to the increased terpene count, my first draw from the Bubba Kush Pax Era pod was a little harsher than other Pax pods I’d tried in the past. I had my temperature set on the low end of things to preserve the flavors, but I have no doubt that if you went full power on this Bubba Kush cartridge, you might have a couple obligatory coughs to get out. as soon as the initial sweet flavor had begun to diminish I started to taste more of the flavor from its namesake strain. The dankness inherent to al